Policies Federal

E, still thus, the policeman to militate ' ' convencional' ' it has made miracles in the streets, where daily it is displayed to the hard reality of the lack of resources and recognition and, not obstante this, is of easy constatao its persistence in the fight against the marginality; until why, the result of this, is seen daily in manchetes of the periodicals that notify the carried through arrests, as well as, apprehensions of weapons and drugs. It is known, that great companies as it is the case of the Valley of the River Candy, had discovered that the more they invest in its professional, more positive is the return of this its investment. If this will be the mentality of responsible for the politics of public security and suggests that he is, the society, certainly, will be the first one to leave gaining e, also, proper Corporation p.m. This why, much better of what some few well prepared men as is the case of the battalions of specialized tactical policing are, this number, added to the policemen ' ' convencionais' ' also qualified and perfected, therefore, wanting or not, these also are part of this daily war. Until why, they are these military policemen ' ' convencionais' ' that, daily, they go to the meeting of a citizen whom clama for an immediate aid. On the other hand, I must remember that exactly the performance of the BOPE/BME/ROTAM finishes also if disclosing a palliative one, this why, without the so necessary one and it accomplishes joint action that involves the state Governments Federal and, and too much competent agencies Judiciary, Public prosecution service, Military, Civil, Federal and Road OAB, Policies Federal e, Organized Civil Society, etc, its work also finishes for becoming in go, since, also it does not solve the problem of crime. E, this only discloses that the solution of crime if finds is not only at the hands of the Policy.

E, in the truth, the necessity of repressive performance on the part of the Policy alone demonstrates that it had an imperfection in the base that is social. To be observed principle: ' ' valuation of the professional of Public Security and the otimizao of the work conditions, results not only in benefits to this professional, but also to the Institution the one that belongs, to the State and, to the Society which serve' '. TO ASK FOR THE APPROVAL OF PEC 300, IT BINDS: 0800619619 IN TIME: I, Jeane Ktia Dos Santos Hiss, not support the riot. What support is an intelligent movement that aims at the awareness of the society. The awareness of that it deeply will be benefited with the valuation of the professional of public security, since, this valuation will result in a policing of bigger quality. If somebody to doubt how much the p.m. works, I suggest that it goes to work as atentente of call to center of the Center of Military Police Operations e, rapidinho will go to move of opinion.