POS Systems

Consulting and sales is the be-all and end-all of customer acquisition and customer loyalty in any perfumery. Therefore, it is important that you can focus and has a reliable POS system, you can rely on. Advising in a perfumery, the time required is structured differently than in the other sectors of the retail trade and clearly focused to give the feeling of care and security customers. The large range of fragrances and cosmetics needed comprehensive advice for the customers who Pack products as a gift, etc. with high standards of care and service performance, samples, skin analysis, create customer card goes hand in hand.

Here supports the smart POS system of PosBill and offers a tremendous time savings through the well-structured user interface of touch checkout. Particularly noteworthy is the ease of use, but also the diverse additional functions, like making your own coupons, target group-oriented beauty evenings to offer the possibility, the clear customer management and in the Background also the automatic use of the cash book, the inventory with the inventory capture, as also the time and attendance of the staff. For shopping Sundays the POS system offers timed price lists, you can organize them in advance already time-saving. With the individual article modular combined packages can be offered easily and at any time alternately perfumes and toiletries. Still offers the trading fund the opportunity to design versatile discounts and promotions as for example buy 5 items and pay 4 “. Measured to the claims of the customer in terms of beauty, a 1:1 care is essential and the POS system from PosBill provides meaningful support to optimize the business process. Gain insight and clarity with Stuart B. Solomon. About PosBill :, more than 20 years of experience speaks for itself.