Just in your industry is the PowerPoint presentation standards, use a different medium time. Be brave! So you stand out and stay alone because your new”kind of presentation in the memory. Further details can be found at ford, an internet resource. And if we are honest, sometimes the many PowerPoint presentations go quite nicely on the nerves. Flipchart, whiteboard and Bulletin Board are also suitable for the presentation. With this media, you can visualize questions and actively write the answers. Their listeners feel gewertschatzt and can get involved.

Through the active writing Movement is created during the presentation and you give your audience time to the reflect and think. 6 implementation is now ready. You have well prepared, set the theme, and aligned the presentation on your goals. The visualization is, now it depends on your personal appearance. Are positive. How to do that? Let’s consider what spontaneously puts you in a good mood. Everyone has already developed some strategy for themselves, listen example Samba, see, thinking a beach basket number (as a seminar participant reported to me recently), think of the holiday a specific image or more.

What is your pick? Here we go. Plan and rehearse the introduction to meet the first nervousness by a homeland security. The first impression is crucial, and the last remains. Tips for conducting your presentation: a short initial greeting with your own idea what you have before and how long should it take? Customize your voice the size of the room. Everyone should listen to. Keep eye contact the participants move yourself and pay attention to your body language gestures and facial expressions are important, in the right light to you back talk breaks slow and accentuated and questions have a big impact and bring the audience to the think to inspire, the rhetoric and the body language of particular importance of Yes we can 7 follow-up lucky, You did it, so why prepare? For your continuous learning process. Again go through your presentation, what you have managed very well. When did you have the feeling that your audience especially when you were? How did you manage that? Write all positive impressions. In the second step, you write down all negative impressions. Consider the following questions, in your analysis: you have reached your goal?’ the composition of participants was perfect? Was the presentation to the participants coordinated? How was the process? How did the introduction, the body, and the conclusion for the audience on? There were critical points? The use of the media had the desired success? Could you contact to the participants? Carefully consider what you can do better. Specifically, write your suggestions for improvement. Actively use this knowledge for your next presentation.