Each page of the site should produce trust. This not only makes the visitor's stay on the site, but will help sell your product. 17. Add the RSS feeds. The visitor can find all the necessary information in one place.

Thus, instead of that would have to visit ten sites to visit, he is yours. 18. Subliminal. This – a subconscious thing. It is appropriate for the resource sell clothes or makeup. Green, for example, gives energy and uplifting. But please note – two different customers, two different products, two views.

19. Allow your visitors to view pictures and video. How-to video or PowerPoint presentation will keep visitors on the site, especially if there is useful information. 20. Allow the visitors to mark the page. Only a few site owners are doing it. This is the best way for visitors to compare the product with a product V. 21. Do not be afraid to syndicated content. Some webmasters shy away from syndicated content, because it is – a double content and, therefore, does not help placing SERPs. But it does provide information content that you want the visitor. Hear other arguments on the topic with Endera. Remember, your goal – to keep visitors on the website as long as possible, for what would sell. 22. Personalise (personalize) the home page. Welcome patrons by name. Let's recommendations, which will be based on previous purchases. Create a shopping cart. In other words, a place to visit your site. 23. Encourage your visitors. It can be seen for example, computer games, where developers give the player to find a surprise.