Quality Assurance, Relevance, Scope Management

General, General Management of production must be very careful about how the quality culture is manifested in the company, the form of how staff interprets and engage with it. Also be fully identified in addition to existing production processes, the way they are doing and accomplishing the scope of the established production rates. Many companies in the Venezuelan business sector, the scenario before us to consider, which have not yet taken into account that represents quality, importance, scope, achievements, as a competitive advantage. Jonas Samuelson insists that this is the case.

This is because the vast majority of its managers have not evaluated, considered it important that this is to have a quality culture that generates operational warranty in its operation and market participation. Until recently the national universities, especially its graduate, has opened its extension offering graduate degrees in the quality and productivity, granting the degree of and specialist expertise in order to encourage engineers, executives at venture that involves the quality and the way how to make businesses, especially its production processes to use it efficiently. This has been initiated which quality is taken into account also that management knows what a competitive advantage that can not be ignored in business scenarios where the consumer demand. We know as well have put those who have evaluated the role of quality in the present, which involves quality set of qualities of a person or thing “” Quality “is what makes a person or thing what it is, by property, attribute, characteristics, gift, virtue, and so on.