Relationship Management

Creating a website – every company need a website. Typically, for a website company turning to the services of web designers and web programmers. Such services are expensive. But now you have opportunity not to be spent on the services of such professionals. Using WordPress to create a website anyone can. Most importantly, the task of renovation and updating the site with new information does not pose any difficulty: WordPress is easy to use and easy to understand content management system. Although initially focused on the WordPress blogging, but now has been successfully used not only bloggers. Project Management – Business efficiency made up of many components, including the effective management of projects.

Improve the efficiency of project management to help specialized programs, one of which is GanttProject. Project Planning is based on constructing Gantt charts (a popular type of bar charts, which is used to illustrate the plan, timeline for any project). The program helps deal with complexity inherent in the process of project management – planning, allocation, assignment, evaluation, analysis, coordination, etc. The program has simple and intuitive user interface for the inexperienced. Supported import / export of documents to Microsoft Project. Customer Relationship Management – The companies have customers, relationship to manage. Galloper CRM provides a convenient way to track, organize, and analyze your relationships with their customers. The functions of the program include: accounting client records and stores complete history of contacts, auto-scheduling of the day managers based on information on price contract and the interest of the client, the operational statistical information on the work of managers at any time, the ability to import / export data to Excel, making calls from your computer, etc.

Anti-virus protection – Exit the World Wide Web is associated with certain risks. Neutralize these threats will help this anti-virus program. In addition to viruses, avast protects against spyware and trojans. Malware Database Programs are updated daily. Office applications – Any enterprise needs to create various documents, presentations, spreadsheets, graphics, databases, etc. In this task you will cope OpenOffice. It is fully compatible office suite from Microsoft, and has the same functionality. OpenOffice is constantly being improved, new opportunities. Translation – In dealing with foreign customers and partners to help service free translation Service is provided by the developer of the famous program of machine translation PROMT. Indispensable for the translation of personal correspondence, websites, non-specialized texts, etc. It supports basic European languages. Has a mobile version. Communications – Internet telephony is an invaluable source of savings on calls to other cities. Therefore, I recommend to pay attention to SIPNET. In order to make calls to fixed and mobile phone subscribers in other cities, you need Internet-connected computer with special software, a microphone with earphone, and an account on the site For added convenience, making phone calls You can buy special SIP-equipment.