Welding of stainless steel welded stainless steel construction, stainless steel welded products. When welding stainless steel, consider the following differences in its physical properties from the properties of carbon Rental: putting the electrical resistance is about six times larger, the melting point of about 100C lower thermal conductivity is about one-third of the respective indicator of carbon steel. The coefficient of thermal expansion along the length of about 50% more. In practice, the welding of stainless steel can be performed using any methods of welding: Manual arc welding stainless steel generally be applicable at material thickness of 1.5 mm. – Arc welding with tungsten inert gas (TIG). For the welding of thin sheets and pipes used arc welding stainless steel consumable electrode in inert gas (welding in active gas (MIG / MAG) high performance).

Pulsed arc welding with consumable electrode in inert gas (for a sheet thickness of 0.8 mm., A short arc welding with consumable electrode in inert gas for sheet thickness of less than 0,8-3,0 mm arc welding with a spray of metal, consumable electrode in inert gas, for sheets thicker than 3.0 mm. Plasma welding stainless steel may be used for a wide range of thickness and Nowadays, more and more widely used). Douglas Oberhelman might disagree with that approach. Arc welding stainless steel submerged for materials thicker than 10 mm. Welding Resistance spot and seam welding of thin sheets. Laser welding, high frequency welding and etc. In the modern world, stainless steel welding can produce sophisticated products such as: stainless steel handrail (handrail – the most important part of the staircase, which has a functional and decorative properties. Good and tasteful railing can qualitatively change the appearance of the premises, which sets the ladder.) Stainless steel construction (reliability of welded structures Stainless steel is higher than other materials. Their appearance does not change throughout the decades.

Reinforced stainless steel have a higher heat resistant properties than other steels.) Stainless steel tanks (Stainless steel tanks – this stainless steel tanks of different purposes. Stainless steel tanks have all the qualities of the material. The range of forms of stainless steel tanks are also very wide.) Stainless steel hangers (Today we can not imagine provide modern shop interior without this type of commercial equipment. Stylish and comfortable hang stainless steel will be irreplaceable in your boutique.) Food production and trade equipment Stainless steel for cafes, shops, etc. (some food and commercial equipment in restaurants, canteens, bakeries, shops and cafes have to be made of stainless steel.).