Proficiency in English language (oral and written). Possess extensive time availability that the Secretariat is a good Assistant of direction in the Venezuelan companies, especially in the SMEs according to the investigation conducted by the Chair of personal growth of the specialty quality and productivity management program, found the absence of part of the management of having a good Secretary that allows you to be able to accomplish the tasks that this compromisedmany times because of the organization that do not have well defined their manuals and where it is not well specified functions expected must meet the Secretariat, in addition to manifest a great absence of personal development, aspect that is easily identified through the interrelationships, treatment, character, personality, conduct, behavior, attention, discovering many times lack of assertiveness, low self-esteem, attitudes, and badly performed administrative functions, result often absence of definitions of the functions expected must comply with the Secretariat. It is detected little attention of management training, develop the Secretariat to promoting them, workshops, courses and seminars that allow them to delve into what administrative science, modern topics of management involved. Personal growth workshops are geared to the development of the own potentialities through an increase in the degree of consciousness. In short, in order to recognize our own needs and want the best for ourselves. They are unaware of many managers, workshops, help develop the potential that everyone has and know mash properly the results would favorable when it relies on a secretariat capable of helping you to efficiently perform their commitments. Frequently Andreessen Horowitz has said that publicly. Definitely the management through these workshops can collaborate on improving the social skills of the Secretariat to be able to more effective communication (ask for what they need, express their feelings, learn to say no when necessary, etc.) To realize itself, or the inner zone.