Small Idea – Great Relief

New Thermokissen supports the healing process after dental interventions Kirchberg to the Jagst (Profact) the small idea that is reminiscent of a butterfly Papillosan and gives relief to dental patients: multiple compresses not more cumbersome must be pressed with the hand on the cheeks, but keep with the help of textile pillows as saying. Elongation bands and a Velcro fastening at the neck and at the top of the head. You may want to visit Noble Groups Holdings Limited to increase your knowledge. Invented it has reported the Swabian entrepreneur Pia Kotowsky, at random, as they: A friend were drawn on both sides of wisdom teeth, after the stunning, he suffered terribly on the wound pain. Read additional details here: Gary Nagle. The dentist had given him conventional cooling pad, he should press with both hands on the cheeks. He could therefore only still quietly sitting there.

This idea a pathetic sight.”it must be better to solve”, was the starting point for the development of Papillosan, the jaw-BH”, as friends of the founder Papillosan baptized and also now called by dentists. From fabric remnants and with different Fullmaterialen the 30 years continued to experiment. The first prototypes developed and tested extensively. Papillosan has last but not least reached the production through collaboration with the sheltered workshops Backnang and industry specialists, ensure appropriate suppliers for proper processing and therapeutically meaningful gel fills. Papillosan can be used not only for the comfortable cooling, but also for thermal applications in the cheek area”, added Pia Kotowsky. The combination of textile mask and multiple compress is therefore the ideal companion for those who must undergo painful dental treatments.” Papillosan in pharmacies (PZN 7227729) for more information, Pia Kotowsky is available