Social Studies

This situation made with that the professionals of this area did not have success as mediating and transforming agent of the situation. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dr. James Truchard. When this happens, can together with be affirmed that a deep unfamiliarity on the part of the professor when working with the children objectifying constructing exists, they, the geographic knowledge, reducing it the description of the meaningless reality, for example. What it confirms that we are correct when we affirm that a distanciamento exists between what it is taught and what the pupil is capable to learn. It does not have doubts of that the formation of the professor of Basic Ensino, as much of the initial series how much of the ones of 5. to 8., is imperfection (Castellar, p 53, 1999.

Available in: , had access in: 25/09/2010). The dichotomy between the professional who lecionava disciplines it of Social Studies and the searching one was clear, therefore the graduated researcher was recognized for being expert of lived deeply practical theories and inside of the academic environment. The professor of Social Studies was well similar to one technician, where the professional had the ready prescription and without bigger knowledge of cause and effect of the space phenomenon. It lacked in its initial formation you discipline that the professor stimulates itself to be a pertaining to school researcher, analyzing and collating the different realities, creating a dialectic enters the previous knowledge of the pupils and the knowledge scientific geographic. Teaching results in searching, to search requires a curiosity of not yet known, and this makes of the Professor graduated geography a researcher, different of the professional of disciplines of Social Studies. While education, I continue searching, reprocurando.

Education because I search, because I inquired, because I inquire and I inquire myself. I search to evidence, evidencing, I intervine, intervined I educate and I educate myself. I search to know what not yet I know and to communicate or to announce the newness.