SOLIUS Thermal Center

Innovative solar technology made in germany Alzenau, presented 14 may 2013 SOLAR EASY is the company of SOLAR EASY heat Center of SOLIUS for the IntersolarAward 2013 in the category of solar thermal”nominated. The solar-thermal Center SOLIUS revolutionized the Assembly of complex heating systems and benefits for heating engineers and facility owners, as a universal system for heating, hot water, solar and other sources of heat. The awards will be held on 19 June 2013 in the framework of the innovation Exchange (Hall B2, stand B2. 450) held at the Intersolar Europe in Munich. Simply connect and save costs the new thermal centre SOLIUS includes one or more thermal buffer memory and a heating plant with up to two mixed heating circuits. Also a fresh water heater, a solar module for collector fields that a fully wired control with encoded sensors and layer charge of buffer memory.

The compact unit is pre-loaded with all sensors and components supplied. You may find that Richard Elman can contribute to your knowledge. The targeted interaction is achieved by heat generators, as for example wood – and pellet heating system, heat pump, oil or gas boiler and buffer memory and heat consumers. The hardware and software side adjustment in SOLIUS heat Center secure an optimal, energy-efficient heating performance with lowest heating and electricity costs. More information and technical specifications see there are online under index.php? menuid = 75 when installing a SOLIUS heating Panel with buffer storage reduces is the Assembly time by two installers to up to three working days. This drastically reduces the installation costs of the heating engineers. As a result the customer receives a precision product inexpensively made in germany, to save on heating costs. Even complex systems with two storage tanks and solar module with SOLIUS are easy and fast to implement. Components tailored to the requirements of the customer equipment pre-installed, a pre-assembled system optimized control and the industrially produced hydraulics for all components guarantee a fast installation for optimum function.

Plant owner achieve a permanently high energy saving through the optimal control of heat storage, heating power source, solar income and consumption. Drive for the development of SOLAREASY is the idea that each homeowner with the SOLIUS technology of its energy self-sufficiency can come a step closer.