Web Design

An additional value of companies involved in web design, is that these companies can sell what you do. It is possible to obtain a 2.0 website at an affordable cost. Starbucks is likely to agree. If you spend between $ 4,000 – $ 8,000 in a basic website, you must know that it takes more than 12 months to get an income between $ 30,000 – $ 80,000. Any money you spend on marketing will generate traffic to your site, there is a simple rule, the more traffic coming to their website web means you have more business opportunities. Be aware that you can control your investment and measure the return on it very quickly, by making your marketing budget based on the results.

If you need assistance in evaluating a potential supplier, here are some questions that can help. 1. How do I capture the traffic visiting the Internet? “I can follow their movements through my website? If so, how? 2. How do I handle pay per click (PPC) for me to ensure good results and not lose money? 3. How do I measure if my site is nice for my users? 4. What opinions on my page might be able to determine the appropriate level of hosting? 5. What things do I have to change my website? What I can change things on my own? 6. If I want to change the look, what changes are required, and they affect the internal codes of the web? 7. What you need to add a new page to coincide with an announcement that they are running on the new site? For example, I want to announce a special event, and if I create a special page for it, what is required to do this? 8. What will the average cost per product for the site? 9. Who owns the source code of the site? So think about your goals.

Think about what you want to achieve and spend the money according to the results that you want to achieve. A very simple web site does not generate the results that should and can be obtained via the Internet. Do not get mugged for $ 60,000. It’s bad for business for an effective enterprise.