Calculation Discount

Under which the discount rate we’re going to discount our income? Under the alternative rate of income, and what we can take for the present value, so we take the interest rate on bank deposits eleven percent, that is, the discount rate we will have eleven percent. Begin the calculation, we take our Excel and enter the values in the first month, we are discounting our investments, that is: – 200 000 / (1 +0.11) 0 = -200 000 thousand rubles, it turns out that we are in the first month divided by the discount factor in degree zero, that is a unit and get minus two hundred thousand rubles, then we are discounting our income from this formula, but Excel just go into the formulas, we find the financial section of the formula, we find that our npv in the upper field, enter eleven percent discount rate, and in the field below prescribes the line C17, we get the first discounted income, then consider the second present value, but instead of C17 in the second box enter the C18 that is already the discount rate we have in the second degree, then take your mouse over the bottom right corner of the cell D18 and drag it to the end of our project in the right, right now for us discounts Excel, so that’s discounted payback period project we now have thirteen months, the thirteenth month, we’re going to plus two hundred thirty-two rubles.

As you can see discounted payback period is much more simple payback period, and two hundred thirty-two rubles – this is the net present value of the project, which is calculated difference between discounted revenues and expenditures. Now we are able to calculate the payback period, we now know from what the calculations are taken, and working with our Project or alt investors, we focus not only on the interface of the program, but a chain of calculations. We are becoming more clear and understandable our cash flows and working with the project should be clearly mean, where are the cash flows, as they can be optimized, as you can manage them, and now will not be difficult to count the necessary calculations themselves, because mathematics science is thin, and finance in late detecting errors can result in earlier than we expect, so that the next lesson we will deal with the internal rate of return, with her take, and what it all about.

Beauty Consultants

And as the proposal now often exceeds demand, then we need people who will be engaged in selling what is produced, and to engage actively. Active – so do not sit at the counter and wait someone will glance at the light, and to seek customers to perform various actions for clients to increase their interest in the products, provide services and a service that others do not. "Good! And where is the glamor? "- you ask. You are right! Sales Manager – it's finding customers, keeping customer base, the VIP-clients, conducting promotions And no romance! Sales Director (or Head of Sales) – it is also Recruitment and interviews with him, the development of promotional campaigns, managing managers, and personnel training. Click Daybreak Games to learn more. Again, no romance! If we talk about a man – a sales manager or director, then maybe romance he did not need.

And if this woman? If this tender fragile flower who wants to get in the rating (on demand and wage levels), but at the same time want beautiful colors, balloons, dress with a neckline and, of course, Diamonds with cars! Please hurry: there is such a profession! There is such a profession – Beauty Consultants! Beauty Consultants can only be a woman – gentle, charming, romantic and at the same time stern, businesslike, elegant. Beauty Consultants – is looking for clients for whom beauty – it is actual; maintaining the customer base, so customers receive the best service and on time, developing and conducting promotional campaigns, called a home-made – guest evening Beauty Consultants – a consultation on the selection of cosmetics, is teaching women beauty secrets with the help of skin care and decorative cosmetics, make-up this training and this selection of makeup for a wedding, anniversary or for any other reason; Beauty Consultants – a nice talk over a cup of tea, but about the business (the chiefs of Sales is a charming pastime called the selection of staff); this training such as sweet, but still fledgling Consultants on beauty and business, beauty consultant – a beauty salon at home, as all that need for beauty, it is stored in a roomy bag with pink trim; consultant beauty – it's diamonds, which can be bought with the money, but can also be obtained as a gift for his excellent work (from Of the manufacturer of cosmetics) Beauty Consultants – an organization of the sales of his colleagues that the consultant on beauty – a car! I think that romantic aura is already more than enough, although it not all. By the way, there are patriotic! If every woman in Russia would be a personal consultant on beauty, every woman will become even more beautiful, and no one will win. Because we all know that beauty – this terrible force! Thus, if you – a woman and want to have a profession – in demand, well paid, with the romantic and patriotic aura, choose a new profession – Beauty Consultants!


Presentation – transfer of the information provided to the audience. Presentations may take a neutral information and may carry incentive information, motivation to action. Art to present their goods, namely the presentation we mean the product is not given to everyone, we all think so, and why, for example, Ivanov can perfectly present their ideas, but have not obtained Sidorova, Petrov finds the perfect approach to its clients, and Sidorov, can not sell anything, and it turns out, someone successful, and someone not so. In essence, the way out of position, if not successful. The fact that you need to pay attention to the details of lying on the surface, which we did not even notice it. We all heard about the art of oratory, Cicero never lost a case, although the cases he had many, and the evidence base before going much easier. There is a charisma or not.

The entry has turned out like all the arguments say that art is still there, and if there is art, it can be explored. And so, we begin to learn to present their thoughts, ideas, goods, and myself. Presentation – the first move, to start to love to speak to the audience to itself speech is not to drive you to stop, but it is you want to go to the public and present them to your ideas. How did it take and love go out to the audience, we all think that's boss told to prepare a report as soon as it finished firing.

State Register State Standard

If no phone, you can buy 'Sonnet'. This is another cost. Future earnings easy to calculate – from $ 1000 per month. Investment pays off in six months – the maximum per year. I open already the third barbershop. First now I take half an hour a month.

In fact, more, of course. Recently went to 'Lumumba'. I found a little girl black woman, which for $ 100 weaves African braids. And everywhere they are worth $ 300. Certification order and the basic provisions set in the document "Rules for certification services hairdressers'. The document approved by the Decree of the State Standard of Russia November 16, 1999 58, registered with Ministry of Justice of Russia on Dec.

23, 1999 (registration number 2025) and is registered in the State Register State Standard of Russia January 19, 2000 (Reg. ross ru.0001.01UTSOO). Subject to certification services for hair care (with the use of chemicals and non-disabled), cosmetic services, including services for decorative cosmetics, care services for face and body, massage, manicure, pedicure, except for services related to the violation of the integrity of the skin, requiring medical control, work. Normative documents for certification are gost 51142 – 98 'Service hairdressers. General specifications', 'The rules of consumer service in the Russian Federation', as well as sanitary regulations and building regulations, referenced in those documents. Certification consists of 3 – highlights: evaluation of training singers, evaluation of equipment and workplace assessment tool, cosmetic products, auxiliary materials. To receive the certificate Executive services can apply to any certification body accredited for certification of this type of service.

Employees License

Obtaining a license, so you get a permit to the opportunity to do a certain type of medical activities. It is understood that the therapy, surgery, orthodontics and other activities declared separately. Take care of the license as the apple of an eye. Part with it very easily. May select the license for everything. Even if, for example, only correctly filled magazine autoclave sterilization. And rightly so. We are talking about human health.

Of course, you can register themselves to run a license. But if you do not have time and effort, contact specialists. Now there are many firms that provide this service. Document for one type of activity stands in their 1000 to $ 1500 This includes obtaining permission from the bti, from fire and other bureaucracies. Employees How many employees must serve a dentist's chair? According to regulations a dentist can work 6 hours a day. If you want more and you want the clinic operated around the clock, then work on one machine will have to hire four doctors. Accordingly, for a clinic in the two chairs of their number doubled. Every doctor should work a nurse.

Here, of course, you can save money and offer a nurse operate on two doctors, but in this case are likely to malfunction. Because its assistance may be needed simultaneously to both. If the room is large, it can not do without orderlies, who will direct it in order. Salaries private clinics have nurses usually from 3000 rub., the nurses – from 6000 rubles.

Director General

Many firms in the season increased the cost of rent – an average of 15%. Leasing According to Ivan Razumov, car rental company is better not to buy cars, freezing the considerable resources and take them on lease. This requires significantly less investment. – In this case, include the cost of lease payments to the cost and accelerate the depreciation of the vehicle, – said Yudin. – Besides, usually two and a half – three years of car rent, is written off and sold. At the same time it loses 30-40% of its original price. There are various car leasing scheme, but the most common is as follows: – First of all, the customer is required to make an initial payment of 20-30% of the price of the car – says Director General of the leasing company "Kelvin" Sergei Dianin. – Then he makes a certain amount each month – up to 3% of the total cost of the machine.

As Typically, the lease term is 25 months or more. After this time, hire a company or acquires a vehicle, fully paying for it, or return it to us and we will deal with it implementation. If the lease payments are $ 500 per month, and revenues from the rental car to rent is $ 1000, half of that amount remains distributors. The service life of machine rental companies deliberately limit two or three, sometimes even one and a half years. Typically, after this time the machine is not only loses its appearance, but also begins to much of their time idle in repair shops.