Levi Strauss

The fact that the inventor – Nevada tailor Jacob Davis, according to the latest denim history enough money to register a patent, and he appealed to the tissue supplier … Levi Strauss. In 1873, the rivet has been patented and there were classic jeans Levi's: five pockets, double lines, including the rear pockets (in the form of an arch), rivet, branded stripe, zip-down – the famous series of 501. Rather, in this legendary series in 2001, the company Levi Strauss & Co has bought for 46.5 thousand dollars at auction rare jeans of the same production 120 years ago. This is one of the three most expensive pairs of jeans in the world. Authorship of the second pair belongs to all of the same company, but they are in-the-art form – not the gold in his pockets, and not in the form of sand, outside and in the form of jewelry.

Rounding out all the rubies and crystals, jeans became precious in every sense of the word. And these two couples just illustrate their story, from the working uniforms to the most interesting specimens of high fashion. History of jeans But back to the history of denim fashion. Demand exceeded supply, and Levi Strauss had to order the fabric for her creations at the port of Genoa (Genoese), who is considered a second home jeans. His distorted transcription and gave a well-known and familiar name – jeans (jeans). The second name – Denim – also gave the city, this time French – Him.