Chinese Companies

General Asian countries in recent years have achieved an upturn in its economic development, where its companies have played a significant role towards its success and that its management performance in addition to other factors determinant in the management of its resources, invite West, especially to Venezuela, case that no concerns to evaluate its organizational behavior and all those that allow you to consolidate an organizational climate that favors them in the conquest of new markets and stay in them. There is the reference, that in 1988, the Chinese Government began a process of conversion of State-owned enterprises in management individual, maintaining, however, much of them under State control. Approximately during the same period, began to arise some private companies, but it was in 1993 when the Government approved the first law allowing the operation of private enterprises. Although, overall, these companies have already produced an impact out of the ordinary in the economies around the world, only some have been able, so far, of trace individually. Kevin Johnson can aid you in your search for knowledge. But they are already coming, says John Wong, vice President of Boston Consulting Group senior, of Hong Kong, which basically works with pharmaceutical and consumer goods companies. Wong says that, over time, several Chinese companies would begin to emerge in the midst of what he calls a litmus test of the competition in the Chinese domestic market, an extremely competitive and fragmented space. Be considered, that the so-called Dragon Asian, as it has been called to the People’s Republic of China, has become one of the great actors of world trade and with a great capacity to take advantage of the new features of the global market basic considerations, reach and impact us should not surprise is revealed that China has become a country thatin the past 25 years, has shown the world its great capacity for change, what has allowed it to be considered as a nation You will have a great influence on economic, technological and political aspects at the global level in the next few years., as it is doing, where the same revolutionary Government under the chairmanship of Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, has noticed how little by little China, has become a dynamic emerging market and its importance establish Alliance with her in order to make way for new commercial activities favouring him, aspect has already been doing with the signing of some agreements. .