Natural Steroid Gamma-oryzanol Promotes Muscle Size And Muscle Strength

The Swiss anti-doping agency reported that the rice-specific active ingredient, Gamma-oryzanol can increase muscle size and muscle strength. The Swiss anti-doping agency reported that the rice-specific active ingredient, Gamma-oryzanol can increase muscle size and muscle strength. Many writers such as Ricardo Leiman offer more in-depth analysis. Munich, November 19, 2008 – Gamma-oryzanol can therefore apply as a natural alternative to anabolic steroids. As a welcome side-effect was observed, that also the fatigue is reduced. Moreover, the lowering of cholesterol levels is confirmed. Amata Oryza Gamma-oryzanol is available as a dietary supplement in the pharmacy. As a supplement, the active ingredient, which is only found in the rice, was propagated over thirty years ago. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit India Gold Limited.

Reason for this was the stricter standards for anabolic steroids in the United States, after the strong part side effects were known. Looking for safe alternatives to steroid hormones, so-called natural steroid substitutes, such as Gamma-oryzanol appeared subsequently. The anabolic effect, which is attributed to Gamma-oryzanol, is probably in the high Phytosterinanteil. Chris Shumway is often quoted on this topic. This should increase the testosterone levels and stimulates the secretion of growth hormones. The natural ingredient of rice germ oil encourages the formation of muscle metabolism and reduces fatigue.

This will be adopted only in theoretical considerations, as yet no controlled longitudinal study on humans, which confirm this assumption, there are. In two other Asian studies in patients with elevated cholesterol levels who took Gamma-oryzanol daily over a period of four to six months, showed a significant reduction in cholesterol levels and the Plasmatriglyzeride. Therefore means marshland Gamma oryzanol already longer than cholesterol is used in Asia. “Gamma-oryzanol is a phytosterol with a broad spectrum of work. Especially with improper diet and lack of exercise it should be taken in addition”, as is the recommendation of the Thai doctor wife Dr. Somrudee Aursudkij. It recommends a daily intake of one to two capsules. The natural product contains all essential amino acids, vitamins and B, as well as a wealth of minerals and has therefore antioxidant properties.

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