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/ / AFS POS solutions, SSE AFS line: important BMF requirements to store digital documents for cash transactions Oberhausen, 08.09.11 / / SSE software known software house based in Oberhausen tells the most important BMF requirements for the storage of digital documents for cash transactions. SSE-software business solutions GmbH & co. KG is including specialized solutions in the area of ERP, POS hardware and POS software, time recording systems as well as DMS and archiving competent partner in terms of industry-oriented software and IT solutions for small to medium-sized enterprises to the classic mid-market -. In a new letter last year, the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) has significantly tightened requirements for enterprises with electronic cash registers. These include including corresponding systemic, organizational and user – permission-related requirements. When using electronic cash systems (electronic cash registers and PC POS systems) is after the co-ordinated country adoption of the 26.11.2010 Note the following to store digital documents for cash transactions: – by means of cash registers, scales with cash register function or taximeters (data processing system) created files/data must in electronic form be kept! -Deleting of journal data and keeping only the printed documents (cash report,) is no longer allowed! To store tax-related data are in particular: – programming and master data change data – journal – and evaluation – the cash register system the GoB and the GoBS must! -The taxpayer burden the finding for that. -The storage on external data carriers or in an archive system is possible if data is immutable and by machine evaluable. An archive system must allow the same evaluations such as those in the current system.

Other requirements are:-record the different payment methods (cash or credit card; Direct debit) – the specific locations and periods of the funds are to log and store. -Records must for each individual fund separately listed and kept be. -Storage of all organization documents, in particular the operating instructions, the programming instructions and all instructions for programming. -The electronic documents/data must be stored 10 years in electronic form. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Ben Horowitz. A printout on paper and the deletion of data is prohibited. The SSE software advise affected companies in an on-site appointment beyond the specific requirements and checks the appropriate feasibility.

In this context, SSE software indicates that said policies in development at the upcoming shortly to provide new versions of AFS ERP as well as AFS ECRS already functional and software side were taken into account. Further information on this topic, as well as information about the SSE AFS line were economic solutions can be found at, as well as the following contact information: contacts: sales, customer service / / SSE-software business Solutions GmbH & co. KG of Volklinger str. 5 46117 Oberhausen phone: + 49 (0) 208 / 88 48 68 0 fax: + 49 (0) 208 / 88 48 68 29 eMail: Handler-, partner support / / SSE-software business solutions GmbH & co. KG of Volklinger str. 5 46117 Oberhausen phone: + 49 (0) 208 / 88 48 68 0 fax: + 49 (0) 208 / 88 48 68 29 eMail: