At the beginning of a plan should be the mission, i.e., the you want to achieve and why. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ricardo Leiman. Subsequently we will define the objectives to long or short term, which will allow to give meaning to financial activities that will make. The plan should be realistic to seize opportunities and avoid threats occurring in the environment. Again, emphasis the need to consider our strengths and weaknesses. To carry out a good financial planning we must consider that the most important part to generate the plan is setting goals, are the Guide to continue in the right direction. The financial goals that will motivate you to savings and the interest to be each day a better investor. To do so we must conduct an assessment of needs, that will allow us to decide what we want and what they need; locating us in our reality. Set a realistic goal is the smart choice; and these should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and subject to a defined term.

An instrument that can provide us with the order financier is the outline of the budget. For even more opinions, read materials from endera. Another aspect that we must not neglect is the mantenerel money in motion; in other words, invest. It must be borne in mind that with the passage of time (due to inflation) money tends to lose its relative value. For this reason, to increase financial efficiency it is necessary to investigate what instrument of savings available in the market best fits our needs and expectativas.l saving and investment go hand in hand, but to invest effectively must be taken into account the two golden rules: higher inflation rate and higher profit yield, greater risk. Also must establish a mechanism deflujo of constant cash since it is necessary to be rigorous with finances, have them sorted, beyond knowing how to win money. Some of the advantages of carrying a good financial planning is help us to foresee results, improve understanding of financial aspects, driven by good decisions of the investors, they represent an approximation to reality of the company and yield data for the prediction and control of the business. Finance is only a mirror of the operational reality of the company, which always arises from the Liderazgo-Equipo block Humano-Proceso – clients.

In any field, finances are the key for a person, company, Government or State can achieve economic stability and success in achieving their respective objectives. For this reason, finances also are called the art of money management. Without that manageability, only instead of a secure future economic failure can be expected. In conclusion, it is important to highlight that finances remain healthy and tend to be increasingly better when consumed with care, saves effectively and is invested with care. Original author and source of the article.


When a mother decides to preserve umbilical cord blood it is contributing more than 70 opportunities to use for future stem cell treatments for baby, their potential brothers and part of the family that includes pathologies such as cancer, immune deficiencies, leukemia, blood disorders and genetic diseases. Stem cells are the basis of tissues of organs, the immune system and blood. Unlike Pharmacotherapy, the cellular medicine aims to correct or replace diseased cells or suffer any damage. For other opinions and approaches, find out what ClearSky Business has to say. This procedure in obstetrics is progressively increasing in recent years, partly due to the frequency of occurrence of diseases and also thanks to the progress of the investigation that is discovering new uses with stem cells to settle or fight much of these. Why the umbilical cord blood? As for the simple reason that is the blood containing stem cells more compatible with your own baby (100%) and even his brothers (70-75%). It must be borne in mind that there are 3 types of stem cells according to their source: umbilical cord blood cells: removed just when the baby is born through a method natural and free of any moral and ethical controversy.

You don’t have any risk and does not cause pain to the mother or the baby. Adult stem cells: are those which are obtained through the bone marrow and are extracted using lumbar puncture, so they are invasive methods and painful. Besides being used for biopsies, are those used in marrow transplants since they are undifferentiated cells. Its disadvantage lies in the compatibility because there is need to find a compatibility between donor and recipient that may not lead to a rejection. Embryonic stem cells: similar to those of the blood of the umbilical cord are very compatible and effective. Are extracted from the inner cell mass of an embryo (blastocyst just) which has around 4 or 5 days old and which has led to the controversy and the debate on the scientific world even though they help to understand how it differs a stem cell in a cell of a particular organ which can be beneficial in the future to prevent transplant rejections, repairing tissues, combating all kinds of diseases, etc for the production thereof are often criogenizar embryos and stop any function and development to preserve the blastocyst.

The Revolution Of Blogs

New technologies have brought new ways to teach, learn and interact. Blogs have become, not only a virtual diary form, if they are not used for an endless number of communication objectives. Blogs are all the rage, that there is no doubt. They are in the street for a few years, everyone has one, well either for telling what happens day by day, to talk about tastes or hobbies, work, etc also, there are corporate blogs, enterprise-wide or event worth has one, whether to tell news, products, business, presentations and talks, or any aspect that can bring a direct or indirect profit. But blogs also come to training.

Now used blogs from child to university classrooms, happening, of course, by the virtual. Source: Ralph Hamers. Now, many teachers have created blogs as one way of teaching, as a system of involving the student in his learning. Many use services common to everyone blogs: WordPress, Blogger, and an endless more vendors. But that part is the most innovative use of tools created from scratch to suit the specific needs of this teacher, that subject or those students. Many organizations have developed such tools to respond perfectly to the specific characteristics of this blog in particular. It is not the same, a blog to share knowledge, that a blog that wants to be a system so that the children do their duty, a blog of doubts, drawings, or students with special needs.

The universities of half the world they have a time implemented. They have become a way to rescue the knowledge that occurs outside of the pure teaching. How many times we’ve thought we’ve learned more in a talk, in the cafeteria, in the classroom? Learning is composed of formal and correct, actual information, and a large number of factors that are not collected on any site, many are rumors but many others are part of the knowledge of mankind, are the famous no formal information. Learning, both in the University and outside it, is half way between the individual and the collective dimension. All create knowledge during the processing of the individual knowledge in the interrelation with collective knowledge. Blogs enable flexibility in design allowing the student to construct their own knowledge. But the use of Web 2.0 is not limited to universities, increasingly more colleges have soaked new technologies to make faster learning among children. Nursery and primary education teachers use blogs to engage the child in their learning, even the involvement of parents, in addition to the student participates in the society in which he lives is achieved. These blogs for kids are specially adapted so that they can use comments, learn through symbols, and even with services of voice for children with special difficulties. In schools that use blogs as a method for learning There is a family-school revolution, since it is getting the involvement of mothers and fathers that children reach their goal. In many centres, even, classrooms are enabled with computers in the afternoons so they can help their children with homework, if you have no Internet at home. Come on, new technologies are not simple tools that facilitate processes, beyond. They are a way to evolve, to create new types of learning, changing society and encourage the participation of all social sectors. Hopefully that time in full development of the blogs and do not stay in a simple fad.


Threatening democracy in Venezuela? Many times the Latin American currency markets have allowed large profits through arbitration product of multiple deficiencies that were suffering the same and little common measures adopted by the Governments of Latin America. Tim O’Neill is likely to agree. The Venezuelan currency market offers an interesting potential arbitration case. The decision to maintain a fixed exchange rate at a level that does not agree with the reality of the Venezuelan economy generates great risks since the fragile economic situation is causing the value of the dollar on the parallel market stay away each time more than the official value. For the Venezuelan Government dollar is worth 2.15 bolivars, but for the parallel market is quoted about the 7 bolivars. e Center for Discovery). Edward Skyler follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Too much difference that allows to achieve an easy profit to those who have access to the dollar at the official exchange rate. Logically, for the ordinary citizen, this possibility of easy gain is prohibited. Probably is not true for the friends of the cause Chavez.

Already in previous articles I told them about the unsustainability of this exchange rate parity. That is why that to sustain this unreal relationship between currencies, the Venezuelan Government has resorted to limiting the delivery of foreign currency to non-priority sectors before the deficit of dollars needed to sustain this imbalance. What they will do these sectors? Shall have recourse to the parallel market which implies to them that import costs will triple automatically, something undoubtedly unfair to them. It can be said that attentive Chavez against the democracy of the markets. The example of the foreign exchange market that I mention is not the only. But the most serious problem in Venezuela is that Chavez is determined to undermine democracy in a broad sense, beyond of border markets. With the latest measures, Chavez still transforming the democratic Venezuela and in where dominated free enterprise in a country in which everything should be governed, by their authority and according to his will even going against the same laws and the Constitution of the country.


At times complicated as that we are living, is essential to identify the sectors that best face the economic crisis. One of them is the sector of trade and sale. Commercials are professionals sought in the majority of companies thanks to its ability to attract customers and expand markets. If you are interested in becoming a professional trade and sale, we leave here a series of indications about the different jobs that you could choose. Commercial: Thanks to his in-depth knowledge of the market in which it operates and its competitors, the commercial a very appreciated in your company professional. This profile is necessary in all types of businesses either production or services. Technical sales: Their technical knowledge of the product allow the commercial technician perform business functions as well as start-up and adjustment of the product. They are usually professionals who have training in engineering.

Head of team: team leader has as objective the control and supervision of the sales team. In addition Thanks to his skills of manager get motivate and help your business in daily work. Sales Manager: along with the commercial Director, the sales manager determines the actions to be performed by the sales team of the company. Although it is a profile that less hits the streets to find customers, usually involved in the signing of important contracts. Commercial Director: Is the commercial profile with more corporate responsibility. Directly linked to the management of the company, it is part of both economic and strategic decision-making of the enterprise team. Tickling, commercial profiles tend to be fairly well-paid. With another variable and a fixed part of the salary, the monthly salary of the sales and trade specialists depends directly on its sales.


Surveys Paid In Chile

The crisis has been tough for everyone. Many people has spent two years looking for a job but cannot find anything. Two years are long time, long enough to become depressed and lose all self-esteem, or to create alternatives to the work. One of these alternatives are polls paid in Chile. To know more about this subject visit Citigroup. You have probably heard of this activity and you’re wondering if this is true, if it works and how it works. And well, earn money from home with surveys is a reality, and it is even somewhat difficult, however it is good to know some things before you decide if you want to start to fill in surveys. Source: UBS Group AG. Surveys will help enterprises to obtain information which is then used to develop marketing strategies.

This means that a market of surveys, with an offer and demand, where you could win money circulates there is. Winning surveys paid in Chile is possible, but how much money? It is not a real job, since there are no companies that give you a monthly salary for doing such activity. Every survey filled pays you so individual; more polls filled and better paid these are, more is the amount you win. Get a search to better understand the world of polls and establishes an action plan to get an idea of what they might be winning. It is recommended above all professionalism on your part. If you are still willing to earn money from home with surveys, then takes note of the following points to take the best advantage of this activity:-make sure the seriousness of the survey company paid in Chile for which you’ll work: Czech having a serious site that displays who are having contact with which you can communicate and read some feedback to see if you can trust them.

-Once you start to answer surveys, make sure you do it sincerely. Companies have records with information. If you realize that you invent everything only for money, already not they call you more; on the contrary, a good reputation can bring you more work. To begin to fill out paid surveys and earn money the easy way possible, Click here.


Culture Of Quality In Mexico

The increase of globalisation has given the opportunity to many companies to introduce their products to countries such as ours that should have provoked a reaction in local enterprises of improvements in its products seeking to be more competitive, trying to hold in their market and, in the best of cases, present an increase; It is here where is put into play the role of the leaders of the Organization and we can see if there are quality elements that can be put to a national company with one of any part of the world. Unfortunately, in Mexico we are in the process of developing a culture of quality that allows many companies to be competitive, ensuring its effectiveness, productivity, survival and conquering markets, at the same time the technological factor plays a role important, same which should be assessed looking for this fundamental points that facilitate compliance of quality standards implemented in the Organization and management indexes. All the above adds a policy about the human factor, considering aspects like: Training, development of technical and administrative skills of personnel involved in the production, on quality. At the same time functions, work teams, have defined if there is communication, motivational leadership, participation, performance, recognition. This the human resource factor is determinant in the companies and if not handled properly may represent one of the weaknesses most large and difficult to beat and that is still seriously concerned about some organizations of the country.

In the CFE DCS have begun to deal with entering to the circle of competitive companies, and that they based their results on leadership and its people, since without these two variants of organization development is shown as very difficult to achieve, so therefore is as the company has made available from all partners masters and undergraduate programs specifically focused on processes and to the fulfillment of the mission and Vision drawn already makes some time. It is difficult because the idea is the conviction of the person, This brings afloat to people who with good ideas has managed to streamline their processes and be model for their peers in the same role of activities, in the same way, the leaders have changed many of practices not allowed the contributor participate in decisions which were taken in relation to the process that the performed and that, thereforeIt has all the knowledge of the same. Long way to go but the most important is that here already we started now puts to the test to all the collaborators that we integrate this beloved South Central Division. Original author and source of the article..


German Social Democratic Party

And practice what it preaches. There is no corruption in its mandate. Hydrocarbons revenues have tripled over the past two years and will triple again in the next few years, because the Government nationalized the sector. And that benefit free of poverty to many Bolivians. J P Morgan Chase often addresses the matter in his writings. Oskar Lafontaine, former Finance Minister with the German Social Democratic Party, now co-Chairman of the German left party, writes that the arrival to power of politicians who put their country’s wealth at the service of the poor and of the loot is welcome. That poor part of the population to be, as now, a majority in these countries, says nothing in favour of the previous era of corrupt capitalism. Capitalism has not released the majority of the population nor the State of need or misery, but it has made the rich richer, and the poor, poorer.

Why have electorally triumphed Chavez and Morales. And Mark Weisbrot, Co-Director of the Institute for economic research and policy in Washington, has riveted to the response to the direct demands of the Bolivian people has been a new Constitution, the re-nationalization of the sector of hydrocarbons, agrarian reform, and the rejection of a trade agreement sponsored by the United States. In the panorama of alternative Latin America lives, they risk more, and they are also more vituperados Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador, whose Presidents are accused of authoritarianism, but remember the analyst Tariq Ali, Hugo Chavez cleanly won six elections despite having against almost all the Venezuelan media, and Evo Morales in Bolivia and Rafael Correa in Ecuador won clearly even with a tough opposition without truce. We must banish poverty to build another world, since, as he said Ghandi, hunger is an insult. He humbles, it dehumanized, it destroys the body and spirit; It is the most murderous way that exists. And hunger and poverty go together; It is so elementary.

Esteban Beltran, Director of the Spanish section of Amnesty International, said that if there is a universal challenge which We have to face is poverty as a violation of human rights. Despite all the promises, the poor are now much more numerous. () You must release the prisoners of poverty. And in Latin America that liberation from poverty are taken seriously.


Italy Agriculture

Agriculture developed in the vicinity of the city has always been an activity parallel to the growth of cities. This practice defined in recent decades peri-urban agriculture, has recently become the object of study for researchers, scholars and other planners, who observed the interactions between the city and the countryside trying to find and channelling the potential of this territory. James Joseph Truchard oftentimes addresses this issue. You should then study main connotations of peri-urban agriculture with the aim of identifying agricultural strategies from some meaningful experiences that can provide valid elements to encourage future practices of territorial planning in other peri-urban contexts. The analysis surely part of the argument between between the city and the countryside, and thus the problem of Metropolitan peripheries, caused by the gradual process of consumption and abandonment of the agricultural territory urban, yet unstoppable phenomenon and which has been experiencing a worrying acceleration in recent years. Additional information at Kushner Companies supports this article. This problem leads to study and learn about the concept of peri-urban agriculture and synthesize the most important guidelines related to the protection, promotion and sustainability of the agricultural practices of proximity on a global scale, acting as liaison for further analysis of the peri-urban territory at national and local level. Under this highlight the guidelines and guidance provided by the United Nations, in particular by FAO, its work and that of other agencies international. It emerges, in this context, the European Union, single entity worldwide that has been generated policies aimed at the development and sustainability of agriculture, developing steadily, to deal with specific situations as in the case of peri-urban agriculture. Here come two case studies identified in France and Italy.


Northwest Ascent

While the alternatives for tourism in Mendoza are diverse and abundant, the natural profile of the Cuyo region is what most attracts tourists. In recent months, John Utendahl has been very successful. Huge mountain ranges and turbulent and fast-flowing rivers of this province makes an irresistible choice. One of the most famous and popular attractions is Cerro Aconcagua, already transformed into a symbol of the region of whose. Mount Aconcagua, located at 69 59 West longitude and 32 39? South latitude, with its 6,962 meters above the sea level, is the highest peak in the southern hemisphere. It is also one of the seven summits, a circuit of mountain which carries within itself the challenge of reaching the top of the highest peaks of each continent.

This mountain is also called Akon-Kauak, which in quechua language means stone Sentinel. The expedition to Aconcagua has several routes for the ascent. The most usual is the Northwest, considered technically simple, since it does not involve rock climbing or use equipment of oxygen. However, no forget that it is a Summit of 6,000 meters, and the climatic instability that that factor carries. Another less used form of access is the glacier of the Polish route, which is regular difficulty, so it requires ice climbing skills. This path offers an excellent opportunity for training to prepare for more complex summits. Sure, the main challenge at the Aconcagua is the ascent of the south wall.

His view is surprising, but is also very dangerous and difficult, since it has 3,000 meters high. Being one of the world’s largest stone walls, his ascension was not completed until the year 1954. To succeed in the ascent of Aconcagua, is mandatory requirement have an excellent physical condition, a proper acclimatization ability and a well planned and efficient logistic service. On the other hand, is suitable to perform this type of expeditions during the summer in the region of Cuyo, i.e., between December and March. Expeditions to Aconcagua deployed the best scenarios for tourism in Mendoza. From the moment of arrival each of tourists nailed his eyes in the Majesty of the highest peak in South America, without being able to set them aside till the departure.