We have already discussed in the article about how to talk to you better understand. Click Endera for additional related pages. Now again we touch on this subject and discuss the particle 'not'. Requests built using the particle 'not' is usually done with an accuracy of 'the opposite' especially children. An example of a story that well illustrates this: On the green grass on the riverbank walks a young dad with a 2 year old daughter. Continue to learn more with: deborah geels. A girl named Maria, and she probably likes to rake the ground toed sandals, judging from they were Stoch.

The father constantly pulls her: 'Mary is not raking in socks'. Masha immediately continues his. 'Masha %$*&() 0% '. I have met before this man, and he knew me, too. We chatted. I told him that the children in my mother scold – bad, and the particle 'no' to a child may be generally hollow sound, as if restated his request as "Masha go well ', then such request will be much clearer and easier to perform. And indeed Mary, who was walking near and again raked socks, knew immediately what they want from it and went completely normal pace.

When we said our goodbyes, and the couple was removed, the girl was again scrape the toes of the earth. Then Father repeated the magic phrase, and it instantly brought the desired effect. The father shrugged his shoulders and they went away. Avoid the use of expressions containing the denial may be very difficult. So difficult as it's difficult to say the phrase in which According to close, and thoughts of room. Below you will find several examples of how to paraphrase an expression in a positive form. Perhaps these examples are a little sloppy, but the advantage of positively constructed phrases that they perceived more adequately and odnoznachno.Ne bore down on the table. Step away from the table. My tea without sugar. I only brew and hot water. Can not lead seminars. Maybe a year or two I'll be able to conduct seminars. I can spend seminar in the audience of one – two people. I can not take your money. No money. The money I have all painted on other important matters. For crediting in my budget zero cents. Maybe in six months I'll lend you a portion of this amount. Not I want to eat. I'm sick. I do not want to drink alcohol. I'd rather drink tea. I'll have later. I do not want to drink. I've been drinking. Here you are safe. It's reliable, quiet place. Safe. Reliable, Secure, Saved, quiet, stable. I want to quit smoking. I'm starting a healthy lifestyle. Smoking helps relieve stress. Smoking contributes to better concentration. Water does not come out of the bath. Water remains in the bath. Nonverbal communication. Tacit communication, language behavior, Body language. Extralinguistic, extralinguistic communication. Not true. False. Dissatisfaction. Desire. Disappointment. Melancholy, sadness, melancholy. Disorder. Grief, corruption, breakdown. 'Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not steal, do not make you a idol You shall not covet neighbor's wife. "What would it say the Great Master of Communication?

Capital Person

Graphologists see the hidden meaning in the topography of the text. For example, good performers clearly organized text, and rarely carry the word. Such people are unlikely to be creative approach to work, but it will never depart from the guidelines and regulations. Handwriting can give man's weakness, such as addiction to alcohol and mental disease. People with abnormalities tend to write 'galloping letters' of different sizes. Their handwriting is often difficult to read and full of curls. The value of the letters in small letters.

These letters indicate the ability of Rights to concentrate on any one direction in the affairs, thoughts, affections. This discreet, non-aggressive people. If a small hand caps disproportionately large compared to the capital, it speaks of personal pride and courage person, that is, that man there were some traits, unlike its conventional nature. If, then, the handwriting caps are too small (relative to capital), then the person does not have enough courage, confidence, can often create an excessive modesty which becomes a disadvantage. "Close" small hand, hard to read says that before us a man solely secretive, loves to spend time alone. Large letters. For such a person is characterized by expansiveness, in some cases, aggression.

Typically, such a handwriting indicates aversion to a subordinate role (as in personal and in business), shows that a person likes to insist. This person tends to sociality, so it fits the work that is related to interpersonal contacts. If uppercase letters in a large handwriting elegant, not like the others, it means that the person is able to command and to attract other people.

Great Wall

He perceives that what has it defines who is. ' ' My ambition would be to paint the Portuguese society … and to show to it, as in a mirror, that sad parents they had been – they and they. It is my end in the Scenes of the Portuguese life. It is necessary to acutilar the official world.

The world sentimental, the literary world, the agricultural world, the superstitious world – and, with all the respect for the institutions that are of perpetual origin, to destroy the false interpretations and false accomplishments, that them of the one society podre.' ' QUEIRS Ea of. Letter the Tefilo Braga. In: Collected works. Rio De Janeiro: New Aguilar, 1986. We find evidences of the realism, mainly in the faithful description of the personages portraied by Ea. The taste for the details in a slow narrative as the form as it defines China, in the attitude of denounces of the injustices partners, in this case with the attitude of proper it and the attitude of bajulao of the people around it, materialism of the love symbolized for the romance with Vladmira, symbolizing the treason human being. Teodoro in saw of its death leaves this questioning: ' ' it, men, only bequeath you, without commentaries, these words: ' ' He only knows well the bread that day the day our hands gain: you never kill the Mandarin! ' ' however, when dying, consoles me prodigiously this idea: how of the North to the South and the West the East, since the Great Wall of the Tartria until the waves of the Yellow Sea, in all the vast Empire of China, no Mandarin would be alive, if you, so easily as I could suppress, it and inherit the millions, reading, creature improvised for God, workmanship to it me me the clay, my fellow creature and my brother! ' ' you, would touch the bell?


We are living in a world where the majority of the people? they seat? on its proper defects to judge, to crucificar, friction This society leaves in them tired of enxergar as much inaquality, people who value not basic things, people with the look focado in the corporeal properties, status, modismo. Olaaa, WAKES UP! The necessity of the human beings is not only of material order. They are also of order psychological spiritual and. All person needs affection, needs to love and to feel itself loved, they want that somebody gives attention to it, and more than what this respects, it. All human being has its belief, the base of its hope is its faith. We are tired of as much hypocrisy, falseness, preconception, false moralismo, fingimento, superficiality.

Because to want to press the hand of a rich man? To want to enter for the cycle of people with purchasing power enormous? Already it stopped to think how many people lower its heads for this type of people? has more, in the front of the same ones they are of an immense education and when they pass for people who they had had little chance in the life, do not look at if it wants in its faces. These people also want education, attention, want affection, a length. They are part of the society! Ahh I forgot myself, is the haste! Work, study, etc, etc As our great actor says Softens Mazzaropi with its wonderful pearls in one of its amused films, ' ' fatigue does not take off the education of nobody! ' ' To blame the society the times is more cmodo, more the guilt starts for we ourselves, people if leave to lead for thoughts and attitudes of insolentes who live a style of morally questionable life. We must in the auto one know. Difficult? Not. Many only copy the others, find that they are not capable to make, to be, or simply to try to be better, that in my opinion this makes all difference. ' ' We go to renew the species human being, we go to invest in the soul, to not only rescue the nature, but the natural one, we go to vender the peace! ' ' I know in the truth really I would like that the world was as music Imagines of John Lennon. Impossible, however, to dream it is very good, and to make its part is better still!

Company National Publishing

A time that, the balance of the land property in still condiz Brazil its historical structures. Exactly with the continental extension, the Brazilian territory arrives in the year of 1990 as as the country of the world in level of concentration of the property of the land, according to indices of United Nations, by means of its responsible organisms for analysis of agriculture and world-wide feeding. Still the predominance of great pertaining properties to few families persists, while more than 3 million small proprietors possess less than 10 hectares of lands. They are these agricultural oligarchies that since the colonial times control great parcel of the Brazilian hectares and make with that the access to these lands for the families poor peasants becomes, practically an utopia. Beyond the latifundium elite, still we find the foreign presence of economic groups and companies who since the decade of 1960 invest to great financial amounts in the purchase of farms consolidating each time plus a latifundium reality in the Brazilian agricultural way. Fact this cited by STDILE (2000) as one ‘ megalomania’ agricultural it exactly enters the Brazilian elites who still identify to social projection and prestige politician with the ownership of great land areas, that they are not its main source of income or at least explored economicamente..

AGCM Health

In recent years, we are seeing a resurgence of interest in coconut oil for part of the health industry. Coconut oil gained a bad reputation for a study that discovered that hydrogenated coconut oil is hazardous to health. However, we now know that it is not the coconut oil itself which is bad for the heart and cholesterol levels, but the process of hydrogenation. In reality, pure coconut oil is a saturated highly digestive grease that has both short chain and medium chain (AGCM) fatty acids. These are the types of fatty acids that our body can digest easily. Charles Margulis has much to offer in this field. Coconut oil is the preferred oil for athletes, bodybuilders, and people who make diet. This is due to the fact that coconut oil has fewer calories compared to other oils.

Our body can also easily convert the fat content of coconut oil into energy. And, finally, coconut oil does not lead to the accumulation of fat in the arteries and the heart. Benefits for the health of coconut oil coconut oil also has a number of health benefits. It is believed to help reduce cholesterol, keep blood glucose levels and restore thyroid function. When you take coconut oil, the body converts lauric acid in monolaurina, a chemical that is believed to combat the bacteria and viruses that cause diseases such as influenza, herpes, Cytomegalovirus, and HIV. Also says that oil fights harmful bacteria such as listeria monocytogenes and Helicobacter Pylori, as well as the harmful protozoa such as Giardia lamblia. How exactly coconut oil makes all the above still remains largely a mystery.

However, is a basic element in medicine Ayurvedic traditional system of medicine which has its origin in the India. Your skin can also benefit from coconut oil. Sebaceous glands under the skin produce AGCM that are similar to those found in coconut oil. These AGCM have the ability to kill certain viruses, bacteria and fungi. When showering, the SOAP that uses lava these AGCM. However, if you use coconut oil, it works as a restorer; It protects your skin, but also moisturizes it, and even prevents the formation of scars and stretch marks. Since coconut oil has a high content of AGCM, it is the most stable oil and their lifespan is much higher compared with other oils. Even so, coconut oil should be stored in a cool, dark place.

The Moment

The work sweated for the survival of the man started to be necessary, then what it is seen it is the slavery and the misery to take account and to germinate quickly for the new society. The sprouting of the agriculture and sequentially of the metallurgy alavancaram the great revolution of that moment. It now passes really to exist the property notion and with it the division of the work I accumulate as well as it of capital. This I accumulate of capital passes to differentiate the men richest of the poor persons, this last that they depend between itself. It insensitively sees if at this accurate moment the development of the natural inaquality and the differences between the men.

To try to minimize these problems, the community saw if that it was necessary to establish a common one. According to Rousseau: ' ' Unamo-nos' ' , ' ' to protect the weak ones of the oppression, to contain the ambitious persons and to assure to each one the ownership of what it pertence' ' (pg 221). The finished words to be mentioned have deep a pretty one if was really ece of fishes in use and values, but this speech alone was a form of empolgar coarse, easy men to seduce, men who had its proper intentions and questions to decide between itself and to live without arbitrators and much ambition. Politics appeared thus to the advantages, appear then new impediments for weak and the new forces for the rich ones. They had destroyed the freedom definitively natural and from they had fixed the law of the property and the inaquality there. It now sees if the growth of the progress of the inaquality, where the human blood passes to be sacrificed for one ' ' freedom of the Estado' '. The author starts to show the different forms of government, saying that such forms of government originate more from the accented differences or less accented that they existed between the particular ones at the moment of the institution.

Pop Art World

The art contemporary brought in itself eddy the same of transformations of the period that represents and as similarity, only traces of the same. When it is said in art in the present time, then its essence sends years to it 1950, appearing there in the architecture and later firming bases in all the content where the art acts. What today it is known as art, appears in a short space of time with regard to the last artistic representation that if had knowledge the vanguards. In a brief panorama, the modernismo was a movement happened in the fervor of the World War I, its logic was structuralized in separate movements, however, with the same ideal of release of what until then he was seen as art: the realistic representation of the world and the citizen gifts in the Modern art. The artistic vanguards transpose in chocking anti-symmetrical forms, rudes and a world and a lost citizen perplexo and in way to the chaos of a war. The Dadasmo, the Futurismo, the Expressionismo, Surrealismo and the Cubismo, is artistic vanguards with different, however on concepts for the same desire of that the art pass to interpret and not to represent the citizen and the world as to the aesthetic had made it Modern until then. The space for a different art did not cease in century XX with the Modernismo of vanguard. The new collective and individual changes in the world and the citizen had given a new fragmented face thus trying another type of art.

Against the Modern and the vanguardista Modern, the art contemporary is a movement without the hermetismo and the subjetivismo of long ago. The movement appears with an innovative ideal: simplified and for the public. With singular characteristics it will be part also of the development of the informacional Age of the Capital.


Presentation In the first meditation Discardings announces that to arrive itself at some recital that guarantees the structure of sciences it does not have possibility to construct them in opinions, therefore this could take it the deceit. Thus, the philosopher understands that to construct they will be necessary solid bases and exempt of any doubt. The project the cartesian project considers its construction based on two aspects: to be constructed in solid bases that no doubt does not present and that it does not need to be reviewed. For this the skepticism in century XVI in the Europe was in certain refuted way, therefore it did not add no certainty that could establish a new philosophy, but on the other hand the deriving doubt of the proper skepticism would help in the estruturao of this new to know. The doubt in the cartesian system presents two basic papers: to serve as instrument to remove all the uncertainties or damages of what was reached, when finding something as true not to become it white of doubt, therefore this would result in contradiction in the proposal presented. A related site: Howard Schultz mentions similar findings. At last, the cartesian doubt presents as direction to the manifestation of the doubtless knowledge, not only in the direction of not being able to doubt something that already it was doubted (psychological aspect), but, in fact not to present any possibility of doubt in the presented argument (formal aspect).

This means to have joined the safe knowledge, treating the doubt to systematic way. for this two forms are discarded ' ' artificiais' ' to doubt: treated in its higher degree, that is, to doubt everything and not to find no truth and, the practised doubt as something gratuitous, to doubt the things without making use of a care with the proper thought simply (insensato). In such a way, Discardings by means of its beliefs search to doubt all the things.

The Elements

This fact motivated variations throughout the history of disciplines and its concepts. The anthropologists had turned themselves, from the proper results of the research in these peoples with ' ' cultures diferenciadas' ' , for sub-groups or sub-cultures in the interior of the societies ' ' complexas' ' (VERANI, 2011) anthropology, therefore if places the question of the identity what it is I specify of a culture in search of the elements that become it different of the too much societies with which if relate or on the interference and interaction between the social groups. The starting point is the constatao of the differences. However, if it cannot say that the fond point of either the identity, therefore what it identifies something, or a social group, can not be, accurately, its difference, but the constatao of that does not exist pure societies, therefore all is, of some form, connected with other societies. in this interconnection takes advantage the processes of interaction.

I and the other Who are I? This investigation can be the starting point for who intends to answer to the registration of the Vestibule of Delfos, which would have stimulated the socrtica philosophy (' ' mesmo&#039 knows you it you; '). For any ' ' eu' ' if to know must leave of the investigation on its identity. The question can be ece of fish of the following form: It becomes what me ' ' eu' ' , differentiating me of ' ' outros' '? It is not treated to plagiarize the bible, but and first reply to this investigation it can be the affirmation of that I am what I am. But for ' ' to be what sou' ' , first I have that to know that I am not another one. Being what I am I can add the affirmation of Ortega y Gasset: ' ' I am I and mine circunstncias' '.