Your Wedding Dreams And Your Wedding Planner be with us your wedding dreams come true! Winterthur, November 18, 2008 your Dreamwedding is your competent partner for the Organization of your wedding. At the present time, Wedding couples have less and less time to plan your wedding yourself. This increases the pressure to offer something unique and unforgettable guests. We have recognized this problem. Our service ranges from a part of organization of the wedding (location Scouting etc.) to the overall organization.

The bride and groom can themselves decide which points to organize themselves and what they want to leave us. EnCap Investments is actively involved in the matter. There is no issue with which we can help you not. Whether it is a beautiful location, a single artist or a beautiful place for photos, we will help you with all aspects of your dream wedding. Or how about a wonderful, unforgettable gift for your guests? We have the overview over your budget and control the incoming invoices of our partners. With our help, we guarantee “You a stress-free preparation time and a magnificent beautiful day in the life”. We guarantee you that we work only with partners who meet our high quality standards, and which have great experience in the wedding industry. Would you like a wedding like thousands of others? We organize also like special weddings like E.g.

weddings in castles, castles in the forest, on the ship. Or how about a wedding in the theme of the ancient Romans including clothes and singing? We leave no wishes and expectations unfulfilled. Convince yourself and arrange a no-obligation free trial call. We are looking forward to your call. Your Dreamwedding Tanja Waser & Sabina Curto article author: Your Dreamwedding Tanja Waser & Sabina Curto published by: PageFormance Torsten Boke

Communication Leads

A second pillar for small and family-owned company, a windfall for private household, are good solutions to raise more money. The realization requires new knowledge. Earn money with a network of partners. This is the dream of many entrepreneurs who daily, serious work as it was as a clerk. Are responsible but for the staff and the Administration and sales. The search network partners under pressure of time turns out often as a nearly impossible task.

The same is true also for private individuals who want to earn the job. A partner can be carefully built network in 60 days with the right Kommunikatiion to the right place. IBM pursues this goal as well. Painfully, in these days, we need to know that is a challenging task to raise money. Large companies such as Credit Suisse, Swiss life, and more are considered creditworthy less. So spoken still hesitant loans as a result. The IMF, International Monetary Fund, a forecast for 2009 in the Switzerland Reduction of growth of 3.0% (1.6% in 2008) and sees a continuing downward trend in the longer term. Private consumption is also reduced because of poor prospects for employment and the fear of job loss. Such forecasts leave unpleasant fantasies.

Realists and optimists. These people are looking for new sources of money. It is happy, who can rely on a long previously built and maintained network. Usually, no thought is thinking such binding and obligatory contacts in economically stable times. Your other priorities. This is also understandable. Google lists at the time a massive rise of search queries for the terms: make money, make more money, business, 2nd leg, mlm earning, part-time job, work at home, and many related terms. Search Google D, A, CH 12 months average number searches April 09 money 368 000 301 000 part-time job 823 000 1 500 000 money advertising 4 400 6 600 money working at home 1 600 2 900 money earn part-time job 1 000 1 600 homework 368 000 823 000 source Google AdWords tool 04.06.2009 that table shows that fewer people generally make money search.

AVG Service

The outsourcing of business processes in a nearshore site, as the Yndeo call center in Sofia, means a massive monetary advantage by forty to fifty percent savings potential. In the medium term, but play an important role in addition to the financial benefits of business process outsourcing, which are clearly emerging nearshore solution, still factors including service times, waiting fields and call quality. Very customer-friendly service hours can be achieved, possibly 24-hour operation, because the cost and structural barriers are very low. The staffing of the project may be more richly”fail and thus planned a higher level of service and also achieved. In our case, the step to the outsourcing customer was prepared already very structured. Very early, the Yndeo call center in Sofia was included in the plans. First, it created a specific briefing on the process who came for the page in question.

On the basis of this briefing was the award of the contract calculated and contractually regulated. The next step was discussed in several joint workshops with the project at the customer in Hamburg and at the service provider in Sofia the realization of individual operations and into concrete action specification. Whether the planning was good, reflected in each project only, so also here if it actually starts working. Now started within the framework of a pilot project initially outsource customer service operations on a smaller scale. Everything ahead was the composition of the team of employees who have appropriate training and experience.

Within three weeks the home team could be, consisting of consisting of employees available already in the call center and new recruitments from outside. Subsequently conducted several training sessions at the client in Hamburg and in the call center in Sofia, with a duration of several weeks. Meanwhile, all were technical measures for the connection to the electronic booking system of the car rental realized. To do this, IT managers on client side worked together headquartered in France, closely related to the IT team of the Yndeo call center. To keep the error rate as low as possible and to achieve high learning effects, an employee of the car rental company as a project manager and coach on the spot was withdrawn. Over several weeks, he stood in the background the call center project manager and the employees in the team at your disposal, helped uncertainties in routine operations, declared exceptions and supported the deepening of the basic knowledge from the previous training. After approximately three months pilot phase the project was then taken employees on the planned size of twenty first. In the meantime, work on Yndeo page nearly fifty employees in this team in Sofia and manage between thirty – forty thousand telephone inquiries, emails and faxes per month for the principal company in the languages German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. a marketing, call center and outsourcing service provider is yndeo with European locations in Augsburg, Frankfurt, Sofia and Bucharest. 300 employees cover all possibilities of an international call center, via telephone, E-Mail, fax, post, or even Instant Messaging. In outsourcing yndeo all business processes takes over, multilingual and cost-effective, whether in customer service or with the processing of bookings and orders. Here is worked in up to 17 languages, for example, AVG, Europcar, DHL, HP, practitioners, Tele2, Transfracht, Vodafone and the UniCredit Bank. (


This intensive support of clients is the secret of the success of the company. The clients have a contact who arranges security due to a 24-hour emergency service number. The duration of the coaching is adapted to the current Constitution of the clients. A well thought out offer is therefore need the 30 days of intensive care, in which clients can take so much help. Positive to mention is the overall support in the areas of life-balance, exercise, nutrition and relaxation. But why do clients opt for a coaching instead of therapy? The answers are clear: the intensive care and discretion for their situation in their environment. But what about the cost? Coaching is aimed at self-financing and is not charged to health insurance companies. A decision of the client but are aware.

Press contact: LifeB Dirk-Oliver Lange communications P.o. box 60 52 67 22247 Hamburg FON 71 40 80 Fax + 49 (0) 40-35 07 94 95 mailto: corporate information: Branchenunabhangig and with over 10 years experience LifeB Consulting specializes in life balance consulting for individuals and businesses. Coaching and support are targeted towards the people, regardless of his professional position. Therefore, clients in addition to managers, entrepreneurs, executives, self-employed, athletes or artists (artist and actors coaching) include also young adults and clients involved in any management position. The company’s focus on the prevention and care of anxiety, fatigue, depression, Burnout, Boreout, to restore the necessary balance between tension and relaxation. A further and future-oriented field of activity is the coaching of guests on FitWell travel. This is premium upscale, as the optimal combination of holiday and prevention health-related travel.