The Mirror

' ' Dream? Or it will be that somebody entered here? ' ' It was arisen, it dressed fast and it was to verify the door; it was locked. It looked at the windows, also were closed. Its heart went off, engoliu in dry, scared. It walked until the o bathroom, it was looked in the mirror and it said same itself: ' ' Marina, was alone one pesadelo' '. In that day it did not obtain to work right, was abated, taciturna. It was not the Marina of always, that courageous, glad Marina. In the end of the day he was for house feeling itself very tired.

It fulfilled to all the rituals of all the nights and was to sleep, it did not take wine, it wanted to be discerning if it dreamed again. Read more here: Stuart Solomon. Soon it adormeceu. A good time without having no nightmare slept, but for the dawn it started to dream of a very pretty man who came to it smiling, its soft skin, when roar in its body caused to it arrepios, were arrepios of pleasure. Of this time it was more affectionate, its kisses softer, was delayed, calm and apaixonantes. Its hands went sliding for the body seminu of the defenseless one loved. They had changed gotten passionate caresses and they are landed on water again. When waking up, Marina evidenced that its dreams were not only dreams. Then, one remembered the countenance follows that it since the cemetary.

' ' Nonsense! Ghosts do not exist! ' ' It said, discarding that absurd idea. ' ' But, if it was not ghost, what he was that? ' ' The intrigued day worked all, did not understand that situation and, what it was worse, it was starting to like those dreams. One week, one month was transferred, the dreams continued. It, then, decided to look a psychologist, the therapies had not decided, the more real dreams seemed each time. Now, she left the work and she ran for house, anxious, she waited the night to arrive to receive its loving that already she was, also, loved. dreamed Currently, Marina already does not have more certainty if it exists or not ghosts. But it runs to the house all the nights to wait invisible its loving.


New Horizon

– These lands are of them? – It belongs to the community. Each one has its property and all are owners of the valley. But, who orders exactly is the advice. Well, in any way you it could be with us for some time and if to accept the rules, will be able to arrange a wife and if to fix definitively. – Which are the rules? Honesty, allegiance, love to the next one? Vicente smiled, shaking the head.

– He is almost this. He will know you with the time. – We go to combine a thing? If we go to work together, we thus do not need to be so formal. It calls me Miguel. – It is certain.

After a pause, Miguel said: – I know that I go to like daqui, but do not know if Laura owner does not go to repent itself later. – I find that not. – How it knows? – It is that you are seemed the husband of it. – But, and the husband? – I Disappeared I have five years I was few months before arriving here. – He disappeared as? – He was even so and never more he came back. It and the woman fought very and they had decided to break up themselves. – Good, then it did not disappear, was even so! – He is, is this. The colloquy esmoreceu. The horse continued trotting for estradinha poeirenta. Soon later Vicente it pulled the reins of the animal, making to estake it. To the front it on both sides had an accumulation of rocks of the road, that Miguel judged to be the vestibule of entrance of the valley. – Here I go to have that to leave it. Vicente said. – The highway is soon after the curve. When to come back does not go to be difficult to find entrance. – How vocs they call this place? – New Horizon. Miguel said farewell itself, he went down I propagate of it and followed walking for the road. When it arrived at the highway saw ahead, the car being towed by polices road. He was obliged to give many explanations and in the end, he was set free. A mechanic fixed the car and it he returned for house. In the following morning it arranged its things in two luggages, delivered the keys for the renter and left for New Horizon. Arriving at the Malta ranch, it parked the car in front of house. Luana ran to receive it. Laura appeared soon later. – For what I see, accepted offers! It brought its things? – They are in the car.


Songamonga Trepadeira

Teatral text A small meeting of the inhabitants of the building repleta of much confusion. Maria owner of the building-To leave of today all will have to respect the orders of our building that I wrote as the rules Mr. – First order-not practises you will deliver yourself it of witchcraft. Bertulina-pa, pa, I do not practise witchcraft I I give to assistance spiritual that is different and if I not to work eat I I can pay I say me to the rent? Maria-As order-not you will make fuxico with the name of its neighbors. Teresa – vocs in a so veno one that all this lengalenga is pra calling in them fuxiqueiras.

Fuxiqueira Carminha- not, call can me swindler, of trepadeira, but of fuxiqueira not. I can live in this Cafofo more I have my pride. Joana- this exactly Carminha and if I was you I I did not pay plus one month of rent, being called trepadeira I am a pride I am signal of much vitality, but of fuxiqueira he does not leave not. Carminha- and what you have with this its quenga, if goal in its life, therefore of mine I take care of I. I can be trepadeira, but I am not a bunda-soft one made you. Teresa – if it does not lower not Joana, that who very lowers the Fiof appears, you it is equal one songamonga and it leaves this rapariga to speak thus with you. Carminha the colloquy still in it pra arrived in the corral cows to be if manifestano.

It looks its place goes. Joana- Therefore, Songamonga that one is its mother banguela made toothless. Maria I already said if they are not liking that they go to live in the one cafund-of-judas, why in my building control I. Third order-Not you drink cachaa, aguardente, caipirinha or any type of caninha.


The Girl

He pulled me for the hands he lead and me until its bed, we seat and we are one of front another one pro. It breathed deep and started to speak: – Sophie, gives attention in me well! I do not go to think and nor I go to come back, I think that we are so new, we have as many things pra to live, is better in them not to arrest one to the other. I loved you, I do not go to lie clearly and that some thing still exists in me. It wanted that you understood the state I find where me, wanted that you tried to feel my fear, my desperation. You yes, would be the girl where I would think about being until the last days of mine life, but sophie you appeared very early in my life, yes, you you appeared early excessively. – And cad, cad pra always? – Pra always? pra always we made together, but it arrived at the end. I find that I was that way, sufficient time, thinking and thinking, then I arose and only I gave to the coasts it, nor I also fired me to the least and nor had voice pra to say ' adeus' to the floor for the street, I sat down emfrente the beach that had that way close and finally I stopped pra thinking about what I would make, I I had that to exclude kadu of all nois the future plans that I made pra two. From there, I would have that to live without its presence and a piece of me, as would be difficult without those days where we dormiamos together and to receive its good day and that when breathing the person happyest of the world felt to me, it pra was my reason of joy everything, to sleep well, to still wake up more good and for my smiles, for knowing there that I had somebody always of my side. now what I would go to make in these empty days? in these days without it?