China Business Trip

Planning a business trip to China and want to translate your business card? It is worth thinking about how your name will be music to potential Chinese partners. There are a few highlights that it is important to know, conducting business in China China: first name, then the name of the West, first write the person's name, and then his surname. Frequently Electrolux has said that publicly. In China, on the contrary, the first is written last name, then name. One possible reason for disagreement is that this order reflects the differences in cultural property. In Chinese culture, with great respect for our roots and ancestors, so the Chinese put the surname first. In the West, people are more individualistic, so the main thing is the name rights. Understanding of the meaning of such differences in the order of name, even if it's only a theory, helps to shed light on cultural differences and allows you to be more culturally sensitive when doing business in China.

Each Chinese name has a deeper meaning second important point – the Chinese names have a meaning. For example, the name of Yi written characters, which means "high spirits". It is understood that a person wearing a name is always in a good mood. Most Chinese parents choose characters who express their wishes for a child or their expectations of the child. For example, the name of Chan give a child, which parents want to see a modest and the name of Ping – a child who wants to wish a secured and peaceful life; named Fu wish your child good luck in life, and the name Gian give a child who has become a strong and sturdy. Many parents give their child named in honor of a hero. Some take the rare characters to give the child a special name that differs from the others.

In any case, if you ask the Chinese to talk about his name, you can hear fascinating history. If you want to start a friendly conversation, ask the person what it means to his name. Translate names into Chinese you are interested, how would your name be written in Chinese characters? Foreign names are usually translated into Chinese by pronunciation using hieroglyphs. With this you get the translation of your name based solely on his pronunciation. But knowing that Chinese names usually have a value, you can pick a spelling of the name, more akin to the Chinese. In this case the translator will attempt to use characters that convey the sounds of your name and bearing a certain value. For example, for the name of Macy, the translator can use either kanji for spelling of foreign names, or use two characters meaning "beauty" and "Happiness." Good Chinese name not only sounds phonetically and rhythmically, but also has its own additional value. Translators do their best to achieve these two factors in the writing of the name.