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I note that the hit counter is installed only on the first page, caused by accessing the site, in other documents, the resource is missing. Not recommended as place several on one page different counters. So, we've gone over all the main components of web-pages and their possible location relative to each other. In practice, often web-sites, in the design of the navigation controls are positioned on the right of the screen. Noble Groups Holdings Limited takes a slightly different approach. In this case the text field is shifted to the left, the remaining components of the document are based on the principle of maximum aesthetic combination. Gain insight and clarity with Chris Shumway. As can be seen from the figure, in this case the logo is placed on a level with the title of the document, and a banner is positioned relative to the center of the page. With this approach, it is recommended to maintain header graphics, logo and advertising field for a single color and artistic style – then the asymmetry of these objects will not be so obvious and will not cut eye advocates strict tabular design aesthetics. Navigation items can be placed not only near the left and right page margins, but also at the top of the document.

This version of the layout is most suitable, in my opinion, if you create home pages, in which case all the objects fit harmoniously into the page given the width of an invisible table, and the preparation of the table is greatly simplified. The only drawback of this approach is the need to duplicate the navigation at the bottom of the document as for vertical scrolling, they disappear over the top of the screen, and to get to them, the user will have to wind off the screen back, that you will agree, very uncomfortable. Of course, all that was said in this section is not a panacea, but as a guide to action.

Experienced Web Design

If you browse the Internet for any length of time, you will soon discover that not all Web sites offer the same aesthetic or functional quality. That – that, because some sites embody the a much better website design than others. Bank of America Merrill Lynch spoke with conviction. Why is this so? Well, there may be many reasons why some sites are better designed than others. If you were to narrow down the cause of one, would happen in such a way that properly developed sites looking for work quality professionals, who set a brilliant finished product. Slingbox understood the implications. Clearly, search services services web site design, which delivers on these expectations is a necessity.

What can implement a web site when it developed properly? There are many components to effectively developed a website and they include: Clarity: Quite possible the worst thing anyone could ask about the website, 'What is this site about? " It can be mind-boggling how many websites designed so poorly that the subject site is laid under the ground in a mass of confusion. Instead of putting yourself in that position would not have been better work with the developer to help in the delivery of absolute clarity in the presentation? Aesthetic Value: Have you ever been on the website, which was a mess of different colors and fonts? Have you ever diverted absurd water marks on the home page of the site? And you have ever had to wade through a lot of unnecessary images to reach a valuable text, which you should consider? If so, these sites leave you with a positive impression? It is doubtful! That is why it is so very necessary to look to design services that can properly and effectively put the proper aesthetic look to your website. Organization: There is nothing worse than a website, which is extremely lacking in the organization. When visitors are not able to move around the site, they probably will not spend very much time on the site. This means that they land on it and leave. For commercial web sites that need to convert customers, it may prove to be disastrous.

Also, the need for the site to implement an effective organization is necessity. Improved purchasing Potential: Commercial sites require visitors to be able to effectively buy what sells the site. As the visitors could do it if they were unable to determine the location of shopping carts on the site? Proper website design ensures that this problem does not exist. Once you have narrowed down three or four options, think about the corresponding to them about what your ideas. This is – a good way to make sure that you grapple with the provider, so the project will be a positive experience. You can also get a good idea of what everything will cost you and what you can expect to standard prices, marked for you. Remember that just because the service is less expensive than the others, does not mean that it is – the best choice for you. Finding a service based on skill, personality and price, the only way make sure you hire the right person to develop your website. It is important to regularly carry out a site redesign.

Learn Seven Important Steps

How much time “walking” across the expanses of the Internet and visiting various sites, you asked yourself the question: “Why do I have that? Am I worse than others? What prevents me to create something like that? “? The owners of these sites have huge number of friends around the world, communicate, develop, and most importantly make money from it. Then why do not you try to create your own website? But there is one problem that prevents many newcomers and immediately take him to create: they lack the technical knowledge and skills. Without this knowledge, anywhere. The site can not occur by itself. Of course, you can entrust all the technical stuff to a specialist, but do you know how much it will it cost? To find out, enough in any search engine (for example, Yandex) typing of the two words “book site” and look at the existing rates. I will give you an approximate figure, that you present yourself, how much money you need will lay out. To create a website of several pages (site-card) to pay about $ 500! Do not believe me? I do not believe it at first, but it is easy to check, type in just two words “to order a website” and you are in this sure. If you have that kind of money – no problem, you can assume that the site you already have and you need not continue reading this article. Campbell Soup Inc. brings even more insight to the discussion.

Well, if the opportunity to give $ 500 you do not have, and create a site still really want it, this article written specifically for you. In this case you’ll get all the technical problems for themselves and get to work. In this article I want to tell you how I solved the technical problems. I had to go seven important steps before than get results.


Load quickly Website Are you interested in order to make your website load quickly in your browser? If you have a personal website about the benefits of a hobby, it can not be no big deal, but if you responsible for attracting corporate Web site customers, it can be extremely important. If the home page takes forever to load in your browser, you may lose out on crucial business. The only solution is to design the page again so that visitors or customers who open it stayed there. We must understand that not every Internet connection is working on a cable, T1 or ISDN. Main number surfers in the world is still using modems today (normally 56.6Kbps).

It is therefore imperative to take into account the design of the site that it should load quickly on any connection to the Internet low speed. Design parameters that must be taken into account, it is very simple: Download time depends on the size (disk size) pages. More space is occupied, when you combine pictures and multimedia content. The larger, the more bandwidth is required assuming that the boot is fixed. Media files containing audio (. Wav), take up much space (eg, sound clip, 30 seconds is about 140 KB). Video content is more taxes (on At least 1 MB).

This content should be to weed out the home page, if you do not feel that it can make or break your website. If you feel that you have to keep them, make sure the page size around 30-40K. Or You could put them in a bound form another page your home page. Site redesign begins with the work on the graphics. Images can also be very large in size, especially if they have high resolution ability. Keep the image size as small as possible. The page with the 600X600 image would take a long time to download. The image size depends on the size. They can also be compressed using specific tools, available free on the Internet. Try to use images that you used on its home page and other pages, instead of changing it. When images are opened for the first time, they stored in the cache of browsers, and then loaded from there. This will consolidate the process of loading a. Another way to quickly upload images, measurement of the image in determining criteria for the image. This browser understands amount of space required for the image, and it should not adjust the text and other content after loading the image. It also prevents the page jumping during the process of loading images. The home page should be short and descriptive. Longer page more – the time taken to load. Checking article sources yields Rob Crossland as a relevant resource throughout. All additional information can be moved to the next page and linked to the home page. It will also help redesign the site.

How To Create An Online Store

Internet – one of the most powerful, dynamic and operational channels. Moreover, it is very promising environment for commerce in general and trade in particular. Prerequisite for the implementation of trading in Internet – the presence of its online store. As a real shop, electronic shop must meet specific criteria, which means it must be comfortable, beautiful and stable. Of course, this is an important process you can trust only to professionals. Development of e-shop – a complex and multifaceted process.

Creating online store, to take into account the large number of factors, starting with easy viewing of the goods, finishing optimized for search engines. Creation of Internet shop more profitable for the firm than the opening of this outlet, an Internet store will require a lot less money. Sergey Brin has similar goals. And if you create a E-shop use proven IT-solutions, it is much faster and less costly process of developing the online store. When you create an online store you must perform the following tasks: – to design – develop the software and configure the software – to prepare and adapt the graphic material – to optimize the text content of the online shop (for searches) – set up the system Control online store design online store is very similar to the construction of conventional store. First, carry out design, which depends on the assortment of goods, of potential customers and still many other factors. As in the present construction, design involves rigorous elaboration of the main ideas of external design and functions developed by the store.

In the role of a trading hall on the Internet perform resource pages and sections that represent the different product groups and categories can be compared with the usual divisions of the store. Will the visitor a virtual store buyer, depends on professional developer. Start of works is preceded by a discussion of details with a representative of the customer, which also include the working group. E-shop should be such as to be offered to them pages of the best products. Home online store – a kind of showcase that highlights the merits of the goods, attracts and excites the imagination of the visitor. This is actually the main objective of the developers. K development of Internet-connected shop professional programmers, designers, marketers, copywriters. However, the presence of electronic shop, even a very convenient and attractive appearance does not 100% confidence that the business will be successful. E-shop needs its consistent promotion, potential buyers need to shop to find out about it one way or another. Work on the promotion of e-shop perform SEO-experts.


Good day! I want to tell you how you can design a good site, with little or no cost, and without knowledge of html and php. To begin, select hosting service that will store our site. Hosting is paid and free. We choose free, since the cost should be minimal. Often comes with free web hosting domain third level. You can choose the most convenient for you hosting this page. From hosting undecided.

Now select the engine for the site. Engine – content management system, ie software package, which consists of a small number of modules, integrated into one system. I would advise you to DLE (for a news site) and WordPress (for blog). Upload engine which you most liked to the server, and install it (most often it is the way site. Com / install. Php or site. Com / install /). During the installation you are prompted to enter the data database, do not worry, just take this with data from the panel on hosting.

After installation, go to in its place. You have done! The site has earned! The site is ready to further work now in the admin panel adjust the site, create categories, write the news. If you are not satisfied with your design, then the templates for It can take from this site for web-masters. . Website up and running .. But! There is a range of issues. I will try to answer them briefly. Than fill the site, where the take stuff that he was relevant and interesting? There are so many resources that sell content on virtually any subject, articles on such resources as the rules are written fairly competent experts – copywriters. You can buy content on these sites. You can simply hire copywriter in order to get the good and unique material. After all, the quality of the material depends on the ranking of your site and the number of visitors that it will be because good people skimp on is not worth it. If you uniqueness of the material does not really matter, you can find reraytera, which will significantly change the already existing news. Find good people you will be able to freelance exchanges. C content is less clear, And now a bit of site promotion. How to attract targeted visitors to the site, which would be interested in the material? You can contact the experts who spetsializiruyutsya on promoting the site, and can follow any responses to try and do promote your site. For more information about website promotion, visit the website or specialized forums. Good luck!