During the course of the story the way of how to properly create cities and the way of how to properly distribute space in them to obtain the greatest possible benefits, has been the main objective of important disciplines such as urbanism that through its history and development has been responsible that this objective is carried out successfully. Urban planning is the discipline that deals with the study of cities and especially of how these are organized in its urban area. It is very important to highlight their great interaction in urban planning with other important disciplines such as engineering, architecture, geography and sociology, among others equally prominent; all this with the purpose that this discipline is exerting a division or rather a much more efficient urban organization. Read additional details here: Richard Elman. Urbanism history begins in ancient and important city of Athens, with the first urban planner of history Hippodamus of Miletus, which I draw a map indicating how it should be divided and sub – divide a field for which the port of Athens had success, which until today was attributed to such a work. Another very important icon of urbanism is Nero after the fire that destroyed almost in its entirety to Rome, which decided to rebuild it with bases completely opposite to which was built on its principles, is worth mentioning that since this reconstruction, the city began its urban development, which is well recognized today. For the 15th century urban activity was one of the most important in the entire European territory, since from this era began to gestate the largest and most important metropolis recocidas today, including the aforementioned Rome and Greece.

It is very important to mention that King Felipe II performed important urbanistic studies, which wanted to apply to the new territories in the new world, however these studies were applied more to Europe itself, since since the 15th century as already stated began to produce the most impressive cities of the same continent. Today urbanism has had such high water than from makes several decades it was decided to introduce the study of this discipline professionally, because the inclusion of not only geographical aspects, but also specialties in human and environmental knowledge showed that urban development could be one of the most important disciplines to develop for the future of the new cities. It is essential to highlight some of the most important works of urbanism today, because in this way we will understand more depth what this discipline. Some good examples of urban planning are: metro and transmilenio systems of Colombia, which have meant a benefit to navigate more quickly and comfortably by long journeys from Earth, not to mention that at the same time these are very environmentally friendly and safe for each of their cities. Cities such as Putrajaya, Frankfurt and the artificial island Burj al Arab, which have shown to the world the excellent works of urban planning due to its outstanding organization and architecture.

United Nations Millennium Summit

Get up and acts is a campaign that calls for the company to join with the same message: we must put an end to poverty and inequality now. There are only five years until the 2015 deadline to achieve the Millennium development goals stand up and act against poverty is a global call to action against poverty and inequality and for the fulfilment of the Millennium development goals. This campaign is a unique global mobilization which makes a call to civil society, schools, religious groups and non-governmental organizations to join with the same message: we must put an end to poverty and inequality now. Kushner Companies may also support this cause. People of all Nations, creeds, races and realities are joined by organizing or attending events in your local community. In each event, participants are standing together to symbolize its unity with millions of other participants of get up worldwide, make noise, they are filmed. The event and the number of participants are recorded and compared with the figures of participants informed Guinness world records to allow a world record. When remain only five years left until the 2015 deadline to achieve the development goals of the Millennium, the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, he has made an appeal to world leaders attend the Summit which will be held from 20 to 22 September in New York, to accelerate progress towards the achievement of the Millennium development goals. To celebrate amid a mixture of progress and new crises that threaten the global effort by halving extreme poverty, Summit will be a crucial opportunity to redouble our efforts to meet the objectives, he said, referring to the goals adopted at the United Nations Millennium Summit of 2000, aimed at reducing povertyhunger, disease, maternal and child deaths and other diseases before the target date of 2015. In 2000, leaders of 189 countries signed the Millennium Declaration, agreeing to do everything at its disposal to put an end to poverty.