The British Are Comming

The Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic Ocean, is currently under the control of England. The war is excluded from our horizon, and they (the islanders) should not be concerned about that, but it clear that Argentina will not abandon that claim legitimate said Deputy Foreign Minister Victorio Taccetti President Argentina Cristina Fernandez signed a decree that restricts the movement of ships between the Argentine mainland and the archipelago in the South Atlantic, in response to the imminent start of oil exploration activities in the area by British companies. a Given this reality, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and a close friend of Argentina, said, Britain should return the Malvinas to Argentina. a Reino Kingdom is violating international law are violated, well, the basic principles of geography and history (…) get out of there, give him back the Falklands Argentinian people, “Chavez said from a televised ministerial meeting. Chavez warned that Argentina “will not be alone” in a hypothetical conflict with Britain over the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands, and appealed to Queen Elizabeth II of England to hand over control of the archipelago to Buenos Aires.

“You look England How long you’re going to be in the Falklands? Queen of England, I speak to you, Queen of England have already destroyed empires, have not you noticed queen of England? Give back the Falklands the Argentine people, “Chavez on Sunday launched his radio and television. Learn more about this with JPMorgan Chase. “The British are threatening to Argentina. Things have changed a lady queen, we’re not in 1982, in case of aggression against Argentina can be sure that he is not alone as the country was now Argentina, which is our homeland, “he said. The diplomatic tension between the two countries, which clashed militarily in 1982 for possession of the archipelago in the South Atlantic, intensified in recent days with the arrival of an oil rig to the Falklands to start exploration in the disputed area. Comment that is expected that the president of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, ask the Rio Group, meeting in Mexico, to condemn the operation. “Hopefully that all countries of this continent of Latin America support for Argentina, “said the president. Chavez, who questioned whether “the English speak of democracy and still have a queen,” he insisted that the British rule over the archipelago is “unhistorical and unreasonable.” The Ocean Guardian platform, Desire Petroleum Company, is since Friday in the capital of the Falklands, and is preparing to begin next week exploration in the basin north of the archipelago. Argentina’s response was to demand permission to sail in their waters to all ships that go to the archipelago.