The End

The Guide, which should confirm in writing the receipt of the notice of defects, must then have the opportunity to resolve the limitation within reasonable period of time. “A must is also the documentation of the problem about video or photo” Schmid says. According to luscha baumwald, who has experience with these questions. The deadline elapses without payment, without that operator or tour guide have corrected the defect, the next step can be done. Because at this stage, the guest may solve the problem at the expense of the Organizer itself. This however does not count, to change the hotel or even to leave.

Such actions of tourists risk namely, to sit at the end on the cost. The claim to a reduction of the price or even damages must be registered then within four weeks after returning from vacation. It is crucial to do so, but solely with the Organizer not in the travel office. This is done best by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, in which the defects are specifically named and occupied as possible by evidence photo. In this letter should call the minimum idea of the required compensation claimant. The vision of a reasonable compensation diverge naturally significantly between operator and passenger. An initial orientation can at least offer the ADAC table for a price reduction for travel defects injured holidaymakers.

This is an overview of the case law concerning the travel price reduction from the last ten years. Although the information in the table for tour operators or dishes are binding, but they apply within the industry than is commonly recognized. So, laying in a hotel further from the beach could allow reimbursement up to 30 percent. Open, unsecured power cables, can be found in the accommodation discount of five percent are in there. Defects in the equipment of the room can have several causes. The surface is too small, the table recommends up to 35 percent reduction of the travel price.