The EU Gives Egypt A Replica Of The Tomb Of Tutankhamun

EFE is an exact replica, work of the British Adam Lowe. It worked, for three years, a team of 40 people. The mystery is in the skin, created with a material that have refused to disclose. Tuntakamon has a double since this Tuesday. It’s an exact replica that the European Union has given to Egypt. A jewel faronica work of a Spanish study.

In this project, headed by the British artist Adam Lowe, forty people over three years have participated. However, the delivery was scheduled for February 2011, but the Egyptian revolution postponed it. According to Lowe, the replica is an authentic forensic study for which was recorded in 3D, for six weeks, the Tomb original so that the copy would be as faithful as possible.And it seems that they have achieved it because unlike the orginal, you can touch, and the precision to the touch is Micron, thanks to the work of the Studio Factum Arte. For its construction, has been used fiberglass resin, polyurethane of average density and a secret material. The mystery is in the skin. A kind of elastic skin that envelops everything and that is where the paintings of the Tomb are printed. Then we adhere that layer with glue and vacuum pumps, explained sculptor Javier Barreno. However, as the entire team, rejects reveal what material it is.

The work is currently in a luxury hotel on the banks of the Nile. However, the dream of its creator is that moving to the South of the country and is located behind the House of Howard Carter, the discoverer of the original Tomb, next to the Valley of the Kings, so that it can be visited by tourists. However, will the Egyptian Government decide where will be placed. Ninety years after Carter rose to the most visited Tomb in Egypt, this project, which has counted with the support of the University of Basel (Switzerland) and the Swiss Association of friends of the Royal Tombs of Egypt, opens a new range of possibilities. Lowe has pointed out that we want to make a transfer technology to the local community so that they can also do it. In addition, the creator was raised two issues: tourists visit a replica of the Tomb may benefit? Can it act as a proactive and beneficial force?. You will have to wait to see the reception of the work by the public to respond to these questions. See more: EU gives Egypt a replica of the tomb of Tutankhamun