The Experience

The experience of Doric is invaluable. As a reputable company and that is known, they may by law invest in venture capital or development projects. Not in soft costs, so the articles of Association. A top company of nowadays, in which you can have very great confidence in its transparency. 4) It looked realistic and current financing conditions in the financial crisis for us worse here is the actual deterioration dangerous for our project, what we’ve worked for 15 years as our life’s work. But this development must not fail just before implementation. Validea may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Also not by the financial crisis.

Now as soon as possible, one must implement investments which are already planned and foreseen in the portfolio of investors. This applies to all genes mine situation and especially for us. Positively forward, think and act. Honest and transparent with the team understanding and cooperative. 5.) what is now the deterioration? We got just between the Chairs of the policy, the bankers, management with the projects of the Fund distribution company Doric and Roman PARK.

Here, now, is to describe clearly the direct impact. Now, missing, mutual trust is the big problem. It is a great pity that it now required to prove on the part of the policy, now 1 million project development costs. We don’t need these 1 million, because much has already been done and our partners with services engage which will account for almost 750.000,-. But the difficulty comes in now. And she is bigger now determined even after the financial crisis. Trust because it doesn’t dare to politics on the part of the banks and vice versa, it is almost impossible to find additional 1 million or at least guarantee through a bank or private bank isn’t about the policy. Performance descriptions does not recognize the policy or cannot access them. You can or want to stop just reading account statements.