The Kochblog Mallorca

The island resident and professional Hobbykochin Nicole Baumgarten blogging expertise with humor about culinary and curiosities on the popular Mediterranean island. Majorca is eating and drinking one of the important cornerstones of the island culture, the Mallorcan is almost a part of their identity. Get an authentic impression of the island done as Mallorca holiday-makers and lovers therefore the fastest “complements Nicole Baumgarten about an insider’s view on cooking pots, domestic or public. Because you are the focal point of social coexistence here. “And so the reader learns informative, bizarre and interesting culinary and cooking on the island, from shopping to events, local and local – and sometimes also on her blog also. The blog presented always with much linguistic joke is rounded off by creative and it easy to kochbare recipes. Not only Spanish, but often by the author itself devised, and always true to the motto of the cookinglounge mallorca: einfach.lecker.’ “Nicole Baumgarten, as professional as professional Hobbykochin and full-time expert on personality and any developments” indicates yet another idea followed with her blog: always pair up communication and kitchen.

Each of us has seen that: A party in a huge apartment, where crowd all in a heap and converse stimulated? Of course, in the kitchen, even if has only 10 square meters.” This finding takes account of them and regularly invited to own events on their ranch in the middle of the island residents and island visitors who have registered on the blog on a contact list. There are for example the changing in the cast round the tafelfreu(n)de’, where up to 12 people to a good meal and a glass of wine inspired even on the slightly different subject”discuss, or even cooking get together, where cooking and eating delicious around a culinary theme focuses on stand. Soon, however, summer break is again. “Because,” the communicative Cook observes with a wink, from July to September here all something else in mind as a hot discussions have: since then the hot weather is enough! ” Press contact: cookinglounge mallorca, Nicole Baumgarten never of X6259492L Lista de Correos – 07340 Alaro / Mallorca fon: + 34 644.046.176. e-mail: web & blog: