The Moment

The work sweated for the survival of the man started to be necessary, then what it is seen it is the slavery and the misery to take account and to germinate quickly for the new society. The sprouting of the agriculture and sequentially of the metallurgy alavancaram the great revolution of that moment. It now passes really to exist the property notion and with it the division of the work I accumulate as well as it of capital. This I accumulate of capital passes to differentiate the men richest of the poor persons, this last that they depend between itself. It insensitively sees if at this accurate moment the development of the natural inaquality and the differences between the men.

To try to minimize these problems, the community saw if that it was necessary to establish a common one. According to Rousseau: ' ' Unamo-nos' ' , ' ' to protect the weak ones of the oppression, to contain the ambitious persons and to assure to each one the ownership of what it pertence' ' (pg 221). The finished words to be mentioned have deep a pretty one if was really ece of fishes in use and values, but this speech alone was a form of empolgar coarse, easy men to seduce, men who had its proper intentions and questions to decide between itself and to live without arbitrators and much ambition. Politics appeared thus to the advantages, appear then new impediments for weak and the new forces for the rich ones. They had destroyed the freedom definitively natural and from they had fixed the law of the property and the inaquality there. It now sees if the growth of the progress of the inaquality, where the human blood passes to be sacrificed for one ' ' freedom of the Estado' '. The author starts to show the different forms of government, saying that such forms of government originate more from the accented differences or less accented that they existed between the particular ones at the moment of the institution.