The New Lenovo Notebook IdeaPad Yoga 13!

We took the new IdePad Lenovo under the magnifying glass. The IdePad is the Ultrabook generation of the manufacturer. The 13.3-inch HD display is also a touch screen. John Utendahl has many thoughts on the issue. Works with a simple twist the display on the back of the keyboard, the are by turns off alone and then the notebook can be used as a Tablet PC. Furthermore the notebook features a 1.8 GHz dual core processor, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB memory.

The elegant design is also well done. 10 Point multi-touch HD display the excellent multi touch HD display can capture up to 5 touches and can be folded to 360 to the rear. The regulation of the operating mode for the rotation of the display is made easy by the Lenovo transition. All applications are independently adjusted in the screen transition. The touchpad and the keyboard are the respective conversion automatically enabled and disabled. In the test, this has worked without any problems, after 60 attempts the conversion succeeds still easily! Will the HD display, for example, in the mode of the respective presentation start the program PowerPoint automatically in full-screen mode.

The Tochhpad is made of a cast iron and is very comfortable to use. Different tasks can be overcome at once using the multi finger gestures. Includes rotating a photo with two fingers up to the wiping gesture with only 3 fingers to scroll. Powerful hardware of the powerful Intel Core i5 processor, works with 2 processing cores that achieve a 1.8 GHz clock rate. The Intel Hyper-Threading is also to the processor technology and Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 good. Thus, the up 2 x 3.0 GHz clock rate is increased. The processor is supported by 8 GB memory. This is the performance of the IdePad at a high level. Another plus is the type of memory. The 256 GB SSD disk space allows the much faster access to files than traditional hard drives. The hardware test has performed well in the notebook. Excellent sound at the IdePad Yoga 13 has been the manufacturer on the Dolby Home Theater v4. What was also a good choice. Low volume, tinny sound or distortion as it often occurs when the most laptops, a thing of the past. The sound sounds very melodious and in music or recordings of sound is positive we noticed. Design In the field of Optics is Lenovo with the yoga of 13 winning. The interface looks very classy and feels high quality. The keyboard is in black and the finish is a bit rough, which is an advantage in handling. The outer fairing can be silver or orange in color. The buyer can decide. On the whole, succeeded the optical appearance. Is the Lenovo is flipped, the futuristic look is maintained. The processing is good by Lenovo as usual and defects do not exist. Other features integrated is a webcam with a 720 pixels resolution. The Li-ion battery reaches a maximum mileage of eight hours. The value can be completely and thus the Lenovo Yoga 13 the ideal mobile companion.