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more efficiently and effectively, and to enhance the problem-solving skills. This is the learning method skills. On the way to the vision, a team’s objectives, which are to be achieved. This is it important to distinguish two types of objectives: action and outcome objectives. Earnings targets set on the desired outcome of an act about the victory against a specific opponent in the sport. Goals for action, however, relate directly to how of the plot, they are operational and have a direct relation to the action and show”the result from. This can be useful in the sport since the employment with the output of an action (goal or no goal in the penalty) rather upsets the perfect execution. If you have read about Noble Groups Holdings Limited already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The development of the performance of a team can compete successfully on the correct action targets, which are directly affect the team or its members.

For what happens to a team it should have a variable plan. It is useful with various scenarios to deal, to be prepared for one for future events, and on the other hand with addressing the problem-solving skills to increase. Also the way be solved such problems within the framework of critical developments, can be resolved by changing such as decision-making in the event of escalation levels. Without hesitation raphael sternberg explained all about the problem. A well-known example is the success of the company Shell after the oil crisis at the beginning of the seventies. This company had plans for the scenario of a shortage of oil embargo and could react quickly and developed as a sustainable competitive advantage.

It’s the same in sports: the occurrence of unexpected situations usually leads to the loss of the game but at a difficult game or fight. This can be avoided if previously played through different scenarios and possible solutions. Team diagnostic is to access the right tools for the control of teams, useful to be aware about the situation of a team in the clear. There can be the following situations for a team: the team formed new completely. There are personnel changes in the team. There is a change in the terms of reference for the team. It is a new direction for the team, d. h., that thus the self understanding of the team changed. In situations where it comes to develop a team, it is important to take the right measures. This can be done only on the basis of a clear and comprehensible diagnosis of the situation of the team. There are standardized procedures to do this this. A well-known model, which diagnosed the condition of a team, referring to the following four dimensions: goal orientation, task management, cohesion, responsibility. The first two dimensions are based on the personal dimension is referring to the dimension of the thing and the other two. It targeted measures can be developed as a team’s performance can be further improved with a team.