The Work

Moreover, the analysts need attention front to positive the social identifications in the psychotic ordinary, occurring when the individual applies itself excellently in its job, in its social status, when it possesss a great identification with the same one. The author above establishes that the desencadeamento of the psychosis in usual psychotic patients occurs because, very frequently, ' ' the work well more than meant what a work or a way to live. To have this work was its Name; ' (P. 16). Currently, this expression consists of the fact of being nominated, of being attributed to a function, being nominated for (P. 16). Of this form, Name-do-Father is to conquer a social status.

To be member of an organization, an administration or one club can be the only principle of the world of a psychotic ordinary. For example, to have a work today represents an extreme symbolic value. The people are ready if to estapear for jobs badly remunerated, exactly to have the symbolic value to be employed. (MILLER, 2010, P. 16). Miller (2010) demonstrates that the second externalidade, the corporal one, if relates to ' ' Another corporal one, the body as Another one for the citizen leaving of the principle: ' ' You are not a body, but you have one corpo' ' , as Lacan&#039 says; ' (P. 16 and 17). In it would histeria, has the experience exist the assays of astonishment in relation to the proper body; this only exists truily in its head.

' ' In the body of the man it also has at least a part of the body that only exists in the head, the penis. This is conhecido&#039 well; ' (P. 17). In the specific case of the usual psychosis, something must be perceived more, mainly as for the subject fact to believe to it that its body is if undoing and then, it searchs artificial elements to exactly have control on itself; as if it wanted ' ' prender' ' its body.