Tricolor Suburbano

In 1897, the Leopoldina Railway Company Ltd. Source: John Utendahl. it bought the concession of this railroad (that is, only from this year that if it justifies to call Leopoldina). Of 1898 1902, the regions served per these stations had the 1902 had its divided land into parcels lands, as well as had attended constitution of companies of civil construction. In 1909, the Leopoldina Railway if compromised to the federal government to draw out its lines until the center of Rio De Janeiro. But it only concluded this intention in 1926, when it inaugurated the Station Baron of Mau, next to the Stadium to They are Cristvo. With these data, not yet if it can conclude fixedly, but it is possible to affirm, with a certain degree of security, that the Zone of the Leopoldina must its same name to the railroad. If the company had bought the concession much later of the fame of the teacher, still could have some doubt.

However, the concession of the railroad to the Leopoldina Railway and the inauguration of the school of the teacher Leopoldina Rego had occurred in a short interval of only three years. Ademais, the lands of the Noca if concentrated in the Pottery region, not justifying, the principle, that the fame of it and its son if extended of Manguinhos the General Vicar, quarters coincidently served by the line of the train Finally, as we explain in the article ' ' Madureira, the Tricolor Suburbano' ' , on the basis of Brazil Gerson, arrabaldes next to the railroad lines was known as ' ' suburbs of the Central' ' , ' ' suburbs of the Leopoldina' ' (before 1897, ' ' suburbs of the Northern' ') etc. It is not to find odd that ' ' suburbs of the Leopoldina' ' they passed to be known as Zone of the Leopoldina or, simply, Leopoldina.