Urban Solid Residues

With the increase and development of the society and, consequentemente great growth of urban areas, has generated a bigger amount of residues, and, therefore, a necessity of places for disposal of these residues. Comumente, these residues are poured in displayed places the opened sky, serving as threat to the human being and the environment starting to generate problems with the quality of life, as well as the contamination of the water of the ground and air mainly in next environments to these deposits. One of the used techniques more in the entire world for final disposal of residues is fills with earth it sanitary, due its praticidade low cost that, in accordance with NBR 10.004? ABNT (2004), ‘ ‘ it consists of the technique of disposal of urban solid residues in the ground, without causing damages or risks to the public health and the security, minimizing the ambient impacts, method this that uses the engineering principles to confine the solid residues to the lesser permissible volume, covering them with a land layer in the conclusion of each hours of working or at intervals lesser ones will be necessrio’ ‘.. .