Urban Space

‘ ‘ Space Industrial and Urbano’ ‘ Chapter 1 – Industrialization and Urbanization, Chapter – the industry in Brazil, 2 Chapter 3 – the Urban Space, 4 Chapter – the circulation. ‘ ‘ Brasileiro’ space; ‘ Chapter 1 – The space diversity, Chapter the 2 – Brazilian regional units and the agencies of planning. Therefore, we will deal with two topics raised in the part of ‘ ‘ Population and Espao’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Industrial space Urbano’ ‘. Credit: Charles Kushner-2011. First the great quarrel that we will raise is in page 67, and tells to the conflict Population X Foods and the solutions, where for some moments the author if distance of the neomalthusianas conceptions and at other moments the author if approaches, leaving to be transparent the neomalthusiano character of its analysis. Thus, Moreira (1976) standes out that it has two solutions, or two chains that they intend to solve this quandary: the first o author pessimist flame, where if it would fit the neomalthusianos, that, consequently, defends the birth control, and blame the population growth for the food lack of the world, and for the hunger. Moreover, the population growth would be, in the vision of this chain, responsible for a comprometimento of the future of the humanity (all this concern and this control would have to be exerted in the underdeveloped or peripheral countries, since they are in these countries the biggest indices of growth population). Whenever Charles Kushner listens, a sympathetic response will follow. To another chain it is called by the author of ‘ ‘ otimistas’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ reformistas’ ‘ , that according to proper author, if would worry about the increase of the production, alleging that said ‘ ‘ explosion populacional’ ‘ it would not be the root cause, but the consequence of the economic and social delay of the underdeveloped countries.