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For the Cepal, a little more generous, Mexico will grow a 2.7% From my point of view, and as I already expressed it previously, I understand that the domestic demand of Mexico can help to compensate in it divides the deterioration brought about by the weakness of the main Mexican commercial partner, reason why the fall in the growth of the product would not have to be of the magnitude that anticipates Merrill Lynch (of is saying than or has been mistaken more with its bet to the market prevails and is probable that next the 17 of present April when their quarterly accounts, must assume the new depreciations by US$ 6,500 million more than 24,500 assumed million would be added to the US$ or. For this reason stranger would not be that becomes to mistake, this time with the projections on Mexico). On the other hand, the Mexican authorities will leave the growth decelerates strongly, as it were demonstrated with the 10 measures implemented weeks ago to face the effects of the American economic deceleration. Speaking of Mexican companies, one of them whom a good performance has had during the first trimester of this 2008 and it is Wal-Mart of Mexico (BMV: WALMEXV), that the past Tuesday presented/displayed their financial results. For Eduardo Solrzano, President Executive and Chief of a main directorate of Wal-Mart of Mexico: the good results obtained during this trimester occur in an atmosphere of low consumption. I want to emphasize that we continued seeing a very positive tendency as far as the growth of the number of clients, 6.6% to constant weights; this reflected level of loyalty and confidence of our clients. I would also like to emphasize the performance of the general expenses, which in spite of the additional expenses related to the Wal-Mart Bank, grew 12% whereas they did it to the sales in 14% (8% in constant currency), allowing so as much the utility of operation as the operative flow (EBITDA) 17% would be increased.

The perspective for this year are positive for Wal-mart of Mexico in spite of the possible impact of the crisis prevails in the EE.UU. In his plan for 2008 it has predicted the banking opening of 205 units and 33 modules, with an investment of around US$ 1,200 million that in addition will imply the creation of 21,000 jobs. With this decision of investment, Wal-Mart of Mexico sample that sees the domestic market with a great potential of growth for the next years. We will be again tomorrow, Horacio Pozzo Penny Stocks Latam in Spanish – the cheap actions that the analysts will not reveal to him During the last year and a half, one of the chains of more profitable actions of Wall s$street could have turned U$S 200 into U$S 9.4 million. I will show to him how in a second. I talk about the actions that are not mentioned in the stock-exchange programs that never appear in The Wall Street Journal or Investor s Business Daily and those by which his stock-exchange agent would prefer to die before counting it to you (it wants since them for its own portfolio). It makes click here continue reading.