Good day! I want to tell you how you can design a good site, with little or no cost, and without knowledge of html and php. To begin, select hosting service that will store our site. Hosting is paid and free. We choose free, since the cost should be minimal. Often comes with free web hosting domain third level. You can choose the most convenient for you hosting this page. From hosting undecided.

Now select the engine for the site. Engine – content management system, ie software package, which consists of a small number of modules, integrated into one system. I would advise you to DLE (for a news site) and WordPress (for blog). Upload engine which you most liked to the server, and install it (most often it is the way site. Com / install. Php or site. Com / install /). During the installation you are prompted to enter the data database, do not worry, just take this with data from the panel on hosting.

After installation, go to in its place. You have done! The site has earned! The site is ready to further work now in the admin panel adjust the site, create categories, write the news. If you are not satisfied with your design, then the templates for It can take from this site for web-masters. . Website up and running .. But! There is a range of issues. I will try to answer them briefly. Than fill the site, where the take stuff that he was relevant and interesting? There are so many resources that sell content on virtually any subject, articles on such resources as the rules are written fairly competent experts – copywriters. You can buy content on these sites. You can simply hire copywriter in order to get the good and unique material. After all, the quality of the material depends on the ranking of your site and the number of visitors that it will be because good people skimp on is not worth it. If you uniqueness of the material does not really matter, you can find reraytera, which will significantly change the already existing news. Find good people you will be able to freelance exchanges. C content is less clear, And now a bit of site promotion. How to attract targeted visitors to the site, which would be interested in the material? You can contact the experts who spetsializiruyutsya on promoting the site, and can follow any responses to try and do promote your site. For more information about website promotion, visit the website or specialized forums. Good luck!