But in any business, there are items of expenditure. This is costly and the wear photographic equipment, flares, lens. Pro batteries, flash memory cards, batteries just will not speak, transportation costs, the subsequent processing. Yes, a lot of things you can list here. In general, it is certain the amount paid photographer of his earnings. You, it might not be interesting, but the fact remains. And you think that giving up photography fees bride, and reducing the shot in the banquet hall, while a walk, change for a run, reduce the time and cost in half.

It is not. Neither the photographer does not reduce the cost of their services by 50%. People such as More would likely agree. For several reasons. First, as we said, this is his salary, his bread. Second, start with the photographer negotiate for the 2-3-months.

And believe me, you'll not only customer, who will address it at the same date of the celebration. In other words, will surely be customers who will pay the full cost. Of course, you go to a meeting, try to find a compromise. And how would you do in this situation? The most that you can arrange it off 2-3 thousand. But while losing, exactly half the services, and a lot of photos, which are the backbone of any wedding album. Now let's look at this problem from the other side. Where can these missing 2-3 thousand to get. Choosing a wedding dress for the bride or the groom's suit, you go to bridal salon. Now in any salon, you will be offered all at once, well maybe except for underwear and shoes. You get a set of wedding attire, which will cost you a tidy sum. Undoubtedly, in this salon, you will get a discount small but that it will – it's a fact. Here, for example, there is a shortfall of one thousand. Other costs, it is a banquet. And there are hidden resources savings. No one present at your wedding will notice that instead of five different salads on the table is four, balloons, decorating the hall only 85, not 100. This is just an example. Find where to save those 2-3 thousand in the general budget of the wedding celebration – not a problem. But, you will have full photography of the entire wedding day with all the nuance, excitement, etc. I guess it's worth it. What else is worth mentioning. Many wedding photographers in the amount of services includes a full set of different bonuses. We say in our studio in complete kit includes pre-wedding photography at a convenient time for you. This helps to establish contact between you and the photographer, so that his most joyful day was not chained poses, sullen looks, and frightened eyes. A Photographer at the same time pick up the necessary camera angles, camera angles, and simply make it easier both to himself and you live in a good day. As a result, you get two photographs, the price of one. The last argument. Ordering wedding photography, you make an advance. The down payment amount every photographer his own, and 20-50% of the total cost. In other words, you get an interest-free installment payments for 2-3 months, and in fact, the cost of services for a wedding photographer, becomes simply invisible, the total mass of the cost. Agree, Your wedding photos are worth it. Not necessary to save the beautiful. Here's how you can not, incidentally, is applicable phrase: beauty – requires sacrifice!


Sergei Zagraevsky – Contemporary Art

Work Sergei zagraevsky distinguishes truly unique style of performance unique to certain masters of fine arts. To date, the artist's paintings adorn the living rooms and private offices, administrative buildings, hotel lobbies and other cultural and public cultural institutions. Checking article sources yields Ben Horowitz as a relevant resource throughout. Quite often the artist organizes personal and joint exhibitions, so anyone who has ever heard of such a person, as Sergei Zagraevsky can get to know his work better. But today, anyone, even someone who does not have time to visit exhibitions and expositions, with the help of modern information technology can not only familiarize with the work of an artist, but also to read articles about him in the press, or even express their opinion about the work. All of these features are available at the newly opened personal Web site address on the artist Today, Internet-based resource offers detailed biography of the artist, his selected publications on the theory of art, as well as a huge gallery of works, conveniently structured into categories. To work to create a site artists were attracted experts in the field of information architecture and usability, which is why it is convenient to navigate through the pages will actually be for everyone. In short, everything is done in order to man could, sitting at a computer, feel exactly the atmosphere that reigns at the exhibitions of artist Sergey zagraevsky.

Generally speaking, sv Zagraevsky – an extraordinary man. He is the author of popular books on philosophy, architectural history and theology, at one time paid special attention to art criticism, later wrote a number of scientific and critical articles. Zagraevsky actively involved in the artistic life of society and development of contemporary domestic art. It became the chief editor of a famous edition of the unique artistic rating. Doctor of Architecture, Ph.D., Academician art criticism, a member of the Association of Art Critics and just a good man – all this is about the artist Sergei zagraevsky.